Those Days I Lost!

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In 1996 was my first day of high school. I have come to a new city. The joy of being admitted to a new school could not be touched by the loss of an old friend. Realizing the reality, I left for school on January 1 with my father. Distance from home to school is 5-6 minutes. I left for school at 7 in the morning with my father in the winter morning with sleepy eyes. As she is a student of Prabhati branch, school will start at 7.30 am.

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All classes are over. After the school holiday bell market, I came out of the gate and saw that my father had not come yet. The school holiday is at 12 o'clock. Dad knows the school holidays will be at 12:30. Meanwhile, everyone is going back to their homes. After being upset for a while, I decided to return home alone. I was coming alone, after coming some distance I thought, hey I don't remember the way back home. I could not see the roads well because of the fog in the morning. By then I was quite far from school. I could not think what to do. Unknowingly, tears flowed from his eyes of him. One of our students came forward to see me crying. I opened up and said what happened. He advised me to stand outside the gate back to school. I decided to do the same. But wings! I also lost the way back to school. I stood there for a while. However, this time the students are coming, I also took the opposite path and reached the school again with some turns. After standing in front of the school for a while, when my father came to pick me up, I hugged him and started crying again. My father brought me home with courage. When I came home, I saw that I had come to the front of the house and went back again.

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