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The future of the world are the up coming children around the world , but the mist painful thing is that mist of this children are abuse on daily basis in one way or the other by the people overseeing them.

Then what can be done to stop this unlawful act around the globe ?

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Offer to participate in your time. Connect with other parents in the community. Help children and their families at risk. Start playing. Organize children carefully. If you are unhappy, please do not discipline your child. Give yourself some time to calm down. Remember that discipline is a way of teaching children.

Use privileges to encourage good behavior and take the time to help your child regain control. Check your behavior. The abuse is not just physical. Words and actions can cause deep trauma. Be a caring parent. Use your actions to show other children and adults that you can resolve differences by hitting or shouting. Self-study and others.

Simple support for children and parents can be the best way to prevent child abuse. After school activities, classes for parents, guidance programs and comfort care are one of many ways to protect children from harm. Express voices that support these efforts in the community. Teach children your rights. If children are raised to be special and have the right to guarantee their safety, they are less likely to think that the abuse is their fault and will instead report the perpetrators. Support prevention plans. In many communities, it was only after reporting Sue that they intervened in the transaction.

It seems that the part that needs to stop the project before abuse occurs Cases such as family counseling and home visits by nurses who help newborns and their parents require greater investment. Understand what child abuse is.

Physical and sexual abuse is obviously offensive, but the failure of parents or other caregivers or to provide the child with the necessary food, clothing and care. When children are rejected or emotionally abused, often scolded or isolated, they are also emotionally abused. Understand the logo. Unexplained injuries are not the only sign of abuse. Depression, fear of a specific adult, difficulty in trusting or making friends, sudden changes in eating or sleeping patterns, inappropriate sexual behavior, poor hygiene, confidentiality and hostility, are generally signs of family problems and may indicate to children. negligent.

Sexual or emotional abuse. Report abuse. If you see evidence of injury or abuse to a child, report it to your state's child protection service or the local police. When you talk to L. Tell the child about the abuse, listen carefully and make sure that the child is doing the right thing when telling the adult, and that they are not responsible for what happened. Invest in children.

Encourage community leaders to support children and families. Require employers to provide a family-friendly work environment. Require local and national legislators to support legislation to improve Protect our children well and improve their lives.

Thanks for reading through my post .

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