Child abuse linked to Bitcoin...grrrrr!

in #child6 years ago (edited)

Blockchain data is yet in danger again from more FUD. Well its more then true in this case. So maybe its not so much fud then reality. But we all know that Bitcoin is associated in the deep dark web. I don't think its the technology more then humanity laziness to have more then they deserve in life and gain without work. Child abuse, drug selling/buying and videos of donkeys getting raped. The same can be argued about the dollar...and it's history. Bitcoin has gone through this growing pain before and i don't think this will change and stop crypto currencies from advancing in our future.

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Just don't support that shit and the demand will stop and people will move on to something else more creepy.


thanks for sharing this and best is to avoid any of such deals using blockchain as a community so Fuders and haters dont cash in on it. talking about abuse, i updated on trending spam in steemit. check it out. thanks

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