Family traditions - FRANCE.

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The release of the Franco-American bestseller "French children do not spit food" has opened to the world the "secret" principles of national education and interaction between parents and children. The main difference between French families-the birth of a child does not make the baby the center of the universe. From now on, not so much the parents how much the baby itself needs to get used to and adapt to existing family norms. For example, among the main commandments, which children are taught from the cradle (and it's not a metaphor) — the ability to perceive the failure. This is as important a step in development as the training of sleep or regular medical examination. French children realize early: there are other people in the world and these people have needs that are no less important than their own. At the age of two to four years, all mothers teach the child important — to wait. Thus parents lay in his understanding of time. This principle, according to French mom, faster will make the child a person, not a capricious semi-God, to whom everything is permitted. The word "wait", not threat or irritation, is part of the usual parent lexicon. French children are tested for durability with the help of a "marshmallow test". Children are not allowed to eat a favorite treat to "go-ahead" parent. With the test, children learn to abstract from the desired. Willpower is not the strength of a child's character, but the work of his imagination or the ability to come up with a creative way to distract.

Another important feature: French families must observe certain rituals of eating. Children are taught to eat leisurely, carefully, observing all the norms of etiquette. To punish children at the table (leave without sweet or interrupt lunch) no one will — will patiently correct and resemble, as need to do correctly. From four months to old, everyone eats at the same time. The schedule in the families is: eight in the morning, then 12.00, 16.00 and finally 20.00. Also from an early age children are taught to eat food in a certain sequence: appetizer, main and dessert. According to UNICEF, 90 per cent of French adults eat lunch or dinner with their parents several times a week.

French women go to work usually three months after the birth of a child, absolutely of their own free will, and not because of financial need. The figures are relentless: 91% of local spouses believe that the most harmonious marriage — the one in which both work. The relationship of husband and wife is the most important topic. After all, when the children, in the end, will leave their home, we can not allow the family to break up. Another secret of family well-being in French is a clear division of responsibilities. For example, every Saturday dad walks in the Park with children; daily checks lessons and performs a specific duty in the house, say, preparing Breakfast or washing dishes immediately after meals.



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