What did you want to be when you were a child?

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I remember this activity at school. Not sure if this happens all over the world lol, wouldn’t be surprised, but at some point, maybe a few points..but at least one point, I chose what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a police man specifically. Those were the words I used: Police man. A lot of answers were similar with girls and boys. For girls the majority of choices were for nurse, some as a vet, but also some as a police woman. For boys it was mainly police man or fire man.

There were only very few that were different with girls and boys. 1 or 2 were lawyer. Some were to be a principal. School principal. Actually, some were also to be in the realm of sport, like a soccer player, which I do recall writing down myself at another stage as a child. But most were in the more ‘work-related’ field.

My reasons back for wanting to be a police man were to ‘stop the bad guys’ lol. Those were words I remember using/writing. Within it though also was to make the world a safer and better place. But definitely, a lot, or most of it was the action part. So, being in fights, using my strong muscles lol, using my gun if I had to, car chases, those things. I, like other boys, can’t speak for girls as much because I’m unsure, but boys, or a lot of them did like action and all that stuff. I mean, not surprisingly, it’s what exists on the media, all the movies and shit I watched growing up. The cartoons, movies, all of it, music video clips too. I saw that and wanted to be that.

Lol which now that I write this out, it’s like..I had no other choice. What else would I have wrote down? I believe I did write down that I also wanted to be a fire man at some point, but most of my choices still were in action, related to action, adrenaline-pumping stuff as I saw it, and then the reward in saving people/making the world a better place, but that was just a bonus really, I was in it for the action/adrenaline shit.

If I had known then what I know now, then I’d know that to be a police man, a cop, a firefighter, whatever, sure, I could do my bit to temporarily stop some ahem, ‘evil’ in the world, but lol, changing the world, changing human nature? Being a cop won’t do shit. Our nature has to change, and our nature is deeply implemented within each of us. And a cop is NOT ‘perfect’ or has a kind nature through and through, hell no. I was under that illusion too, that all cops, and basically all people that did stuff to help others, especially saving them from ‘bad guys’ or bad people, I believed they were all like perfect citizens through and through.

I do highly recommend to investigate Desteni. At your own pace. There can seem to be an overwhelming amount of information if you check the website and then see there is a forum, some online courses, a store - but it’s all there to expand one’s understanding, and everyone does take it and use it as their own pace, as do I. I truly do see that we must change our NATURE, our very beingness, what we are, from childhood, from baby-hood! From birth. It’s not enough to implement systems and things that preach kindness and beauty and positive thinking and such - we gotta get down to the nitty gritty stuff and accept that it is us, so that we can in fact change that nature that is not what is best for all, to make it best for all, to see clearly, to see equally, to be one with all life.

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I was going to be a video game designer.

That's a cool one!