Chick-fil-a lemonade

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Something that Chick-fil-a does that makes their menu so irresistible is their signature or "original" items. For example, their homemade hand-squeezed lemonade is so delicious. Not only that but it has a unique taste, which makes it exclusive. You can't get it anywhere else. Chick-fil-a spend time and energy creating this signature drink, and it payed off. Many customers of Chick-fil-a come merely because of the lemomade. I have experienced this during my time at Chick-fil-a.
Just another thing that makes Chick-fil-a such a profitable and DELICIOUS company!


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got em all bud

I love their lemonade! I didn't know it was hand- squeezed!

Yes every day we have someone literally squeezing fresh lemons by the hundreds @dmcamera!

Makes me feel thirsty now! :-) Welcome to Steemit, by the way! Chatting like this helps you to get Upvotes and follows! Don't pay attention to the other spammers. They will drag you down. I'll follow you now. :-)

Thanks! Thanks for the follow great to have someone who actually reads and discusses :)

That will come! It takes a while to get a following, but you will make good friends along the way. Comment on my posts or the posts of others, and my followers and theirs may interact with you and you will end up with more followers. I have some good people following me. A good person to follow is @papa-pepper. He runs some very cool contests! 10 of us shared in some nice winnings from a selfie contest at the end of last year!

Really appreciate it! This is all great information to have. Good to talk to someone with experience since I am so new to the playform. I will be sure to comment on your stuff and the time and see if I can make some friends!

It can be quite overwhelming, but if an old lady like myself can figure it out, you sure will too. Lol! The important thing is not to plagiarize. That will be picked up right away and you will get flagged. Follow people who write about your interests and you will soon have a following.

Haha yeah! It seems like a lot of people plagiarize and don't create their own content. Thanks for the advice!

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