The Baby Chicks Are In!

in #chickens3 years ago


65 Baby Chicks Arrived This Morning

It’s a good thing the snow is shrinking measurably each day, because I’m not too sure how long these chickies will last in here. We got ourselves black jersey giants, barred Plymouth rocks, and Hoover Hatchery’s choice of rare chickens. (I’m really hoping there is a lavender Orpington in there.) 

I’m really looking forward to watching all these chicks grow up!


Woah!! Cool!!!! That is a lot of chickens....turning into a lot of eggs!
Will there be chicken on the menu at some point as well?
Also did you figure out a better chicken house setup?

At some point, there will be! I think we’ll have a neighbor come help us with the gutting process when it’s nice enough outside.
As far as the coop goes, I’m sure we’ll wait to see how it goes with all these chickens first. Either way, we’d like a new coop but I think it’s going to be determined on time.

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Yayy! Gotta love those baby chickies! ♥

Yes! It’s fun to see different colors this time around too!

Looks like fun;)

For now! It’s a race to see if the snow melts faster than they can grow!

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