How to Make Chicken Nuggets for Dogs | DIY Dog Treats Recipe 102

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♪ Guess what we're doing today! ♪ I'll bet you can guess, with all the noses peaking over the table. Today, we are making... Chicken nuggets for dogs! You guys had suggested this, over and over. We finally think, we figured a way to make it work the way we wanted to. We're going to show you how we make Chicken Nuggets for dogs! As always, you guys! If you are new here, don't forget to hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button and click that bell to turn 'ON' notifications. You will know whenever we put up, fun new videos. Whenever they'd be treat videos, adventure videos dog vlogs or whatever they may be. Let's get to making some chicken nuggets for dogs! The first thing we need to do is to get out a pot with little bit of water in it. We are going to bring this to a boil, so, that we can cook the chicken on it. We're gonna actually do this first, before anything else. Then, we're going to pre-heat the oven to 350F/180C. ♪♪♪ It did it! Our oven sings! Doesn't it? They're like, "Why are we at the stove?" "We're supposed to make treats at the table." Okay! Back to the table! Alright! While the water is boiling and the oven is pre-heating, you are going to take about a half (1/2) pound, maybe a little bit more of boneless, skinless chicken breast and slice it up. You can see here it's in little thin slices. Want some of this? "Whoa!" Want some of this? How about you Oakley? You want some? You gotta come over here Oakley. It's all over here! Anyway, we're going to slice this up and we are going to take and bring the water to a boil, drop the chicken in water and cook it for six (6) to eight (8) minutes, just until is done. Come here Oakley! This is for Oakley! This is for Oakley! For Oakley! Yeah! Oakley gets chicken too! We're gonna go ahead and do that right now! The chicken has been dropped in. What is that face? What's that face for? Huh? Shelby's like, "Hey! I would like some more of that chicken, please!" What? "This isn't, how we do treats!" "We're supposed to be at the table!" I know! We got to cook this chicken a little bit! Then, we go back to the table. Is that okay? Is that alright with you (Shelby)? Your lip is kind of... I don't have any food in my hand! ♪ ♪ Oh! The oven is pre-heated! Our oven is singing! So, while that is happening we're going to get out, our food processor. You can also use the blender. Either one will really work. We're going to take one (1) cup of rolled oaths and we're going to pour it in the food processor. Then, we're going to take one (1) cup of flax seeds and pour it in the food processor! Now, we're gonna process this up a little bit. This is literally going to be one of the easiest treat videos we had ever done. I know, I said that a lot. Recently on some, but... I didn't wanted to make this already complicated and I just wanted to make it to work. Basically what we're doing is, we're taking all the ingredients and putting them all together. I was gonna do like, breaded chicken chunks. We might do that on a different video. For this one, we're gonna kind of put it all together. That's the plan, anyway! Now, we're going to put my hand over this and mix this up. You can see it, kind of broke everything up and made it, almost flour like. All the seeds there, were broken and that's pretty much what you want. Then, we're taking a quarter (1/4) cup of bread crumbs. Plain, non flavored bread crumbs! You can actually take a piece of toast and over toast it and crumble it up here, if you want. We're gonna add this as well. Then, we're mixing it together just a little bit more. What you girls think? They're like, "We hear the water boiling." While the chicken was cooking, I actually took the rolled oaths and flax seeds. I put then in my 'Nutri-Bullet' and made my 'flour!' Is kind of what we're making! A little bit finer, so... If you want it to be a little bit chunkier, the food processor is gonna work perfect. If you want everything to be a little bit finer, use the blender. Or the 'Nutri-Bullet'. I think that's gonna work a little bit better. The things you learn! This is the first time, I'm doing this. You guys had seen this! The first time we're making it, so I guess... You know we should do? We should do 'McDonalds Chicken McNuggets' vs homemade dog chicken nuggets and see, which ones they choose! Wanna try that later? Maybe we will try that later and see, what each of the dogs thinks! Our chicken is done. We took it and set it aside. We also took three quarters (3/4) cup of the chicken broth, from the water where we boiled the chicken. We're now gonna set that aside and let it cool, cause we don't want to work with it, while is super hot. Cause we have to form the stuff into like balls, but we don't want to burn ourselves or the dogs. We're gonna let it sit out of the way and everything. Let it cool for just a little bit. Alright! Now we have our cooled sliced chicken. We have, about three quarters (3/4) cup of our chicken broth that we boiled the chicken in. Now, we're gonna take and put all of this into the food processor. First, I'm dropping the chicken in. I'll turn this on while throwing the chicken in. Now that all is mixed together, we're turning the food processor on low and I'll slowly pour in this water. This is just gonna make everything stick together. We're kind of making chicken nugget dough. Is kind of what it is. What you think about that? Chicken Nugget dough? Memphis is like, "Dude! Give me some food!" Look it! It made it's own dough ball! Chicken nugget dough ball! Look it! Chicken nugget dough ball. Can't eat it yet! Now, we're basically going to break little pieces of this off. Kind of roll it into a ball. ♪ Rolling into a ball... ♪ Depending how big you want them. Then we're gonna flat then out. Push down here to flat them out. Then you got... Chicken nuggets! Aww! That is basically, what we're gonna do now. You want to try the dough? I'll bet, you did! How about you? Want to try it? I'll bet you do! How about you Shelby? I know, you are hidding down there! You have to come up here! Look! It's Shellby! Good stuff? Alright! We are going to continue to roll these out and flat them out. You can also flat them with the back of a spoon, if you want to. The other thing is, if you have like, small dogs... You can make them smaller. For big dogs, make them bigger. We're gonna continue to do this, real quick. So, there you have it! It filled the entire pan. I have, this much left over. This works out perfect for one (1) whole tray of cookies. Oakley, where you are at? She's wandering around! Shelby, want some? I have to give some to Oakley, when she walks back here as well. Now, we're going to put these in the oven for about twenty five (25) to thirty (30) minutes and basically just want them to brown a little bit. Also, I feel is the good time to remind you guys... This is just a treat, not a meal replacement. Just a treat to give them, once in a while. To store these, because of the way they're cooked you don't really want to put them like in a container and leave them out. Store them in the refrigerator in an air tight container, probably for like one (1) week or two (2). You could probably, if you want to make a whole bunch at once, you could probably also freeze them. I don't know how they'll freeze, but you can try and freeze it to see how they turned out. We're gonna put these in the oven and then... They get to try em. Which is the best part! Also you guys, if you want to see even more of our treat videos, we have over one hundred (100) different recipes, we had done so far in this channel. There will be some playlist up above and down, in the video description below. Go and check those out! The last one we did, was Strawberry Watermelon Ice Cream, which the dogs absolutely adored! If you have suggestions of what you want us, try to create next, leave those down in the comments below. I'm gonna throw these in the oven! Well, you guys! We did it! We made chicken nuggets for dogs! Check them out! They turned out really cute. They looks like little dog chicken nuggets. I even got an empty nugget box to put them in. Are you guys ready to try them? Is that what you're waiting for? How about you? Are you waiting patiently? "You just hand me one of those nuggets" "and I'll eat one right now!" Okay! We're gonna go and see what they think! See you... (inaudible) Alright Miss Shelby! "Oh, I can sit!" Give me a paw? Yeah! What else can you do? Can you speak? Yeah? Can you turn around? Good job! Sit! Are you ready? There you go! You have to tell me how it compares to 'McDonalds' Chicken Nuggets? That's what the inside looks like. What you think? She's like, "Give me that nugget!" Is it good? Yeah? Alright! We have to see, what your sisters think? Are you excited? Are you excited? Can you sit? Can you sit? Can you give me a paw? That's my hand! That's both paws! One paw! Can I have one paw? Memphis! One (1) paw! There we go! Can you speak? Speak! Good job! Sit! Wait! Alright here you go! Tell me what you think? She's like, "I think I didn't even taste it!" She's pretty good at that! You ate it already! It's gone! You ate it! Was it good? I'm taking that as a yes! Is gone! Look, none on my hands! Sorry! Hi Miss Oakley! She was napping! I thought, I was gonna wake you up with the chicken nugget! What you think? Wanna try one? Can you sit? That's a cute little jump! There you go! You sat! Good girl! What you think of those chicken nuggets? Oakley is like, "I really like chicken nuggets!" I know, you do! How was that one? Was it good? Was it good? Yeah? Well, there you go you guys! We finally made Chicken Nuggets for dogs.

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