Golden Hour.

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Taken around 7 o' clock before the sun was setting. This is actually quite a nice place to relax. There's a nice stone bench built into the wall (which is actually pretty comfortable) - Just wait for the right moment and you'll get something like this.

Wish I didn't use MATRIX Metering so that I could have the background buildings with the correct exposure.

The Chicago water taxi can be seen passing by on the Chicago river. It’s distinguishable by its yellow paint. A4E76275-5ADE-48A3-8BE5-72F8D258A34D.png


@lpreap hello 👋 sir, We all know Chicago is a very nice city. Very busy city It looks very nice to see your pictures. Very big big house on both sides There are small streams in between. It's like a dream. Large buildings on both sides are almost yellowish. The steem boat in the water is also yellow in color. I feel more beautiful to me. We are all waiting to present you with something more beautiful pictures in the future

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wow chicago always so beautiful.
Nice picture and those buildings are so impressive that they steal the looks.
Greetings from Venezuela

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Hi @lpreap! awesome photo i love Chicago :)

Nice yellow water taxi! I'm currently backpacking in the US, and I'm planning to go to Chicago to visit my sister in law in Illinois. What is your favorite tourist attraction in Chicago? I'm planning to drive there from New Orleans next week.