Win 0.5 Steemdollars, Name My 1st Mythic Founder ChibiFighter.

in chibifighter •  11 months ago

Screenshot-2018-5-8 Super Chibi.png

To win this contest you must do the following:

  1. Leave your suggestion on what I should name the Chibi in the picture above.
  2. upvote
  3. resteem
  4. follow me
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"El Rey de Mitos" (King of Myths)

I don't really speak spanish, but I like spanish names, they sound mysterious :D


I dont speak spanish either but like the sound of it. I like your suggetion and will name my Chibi El Rey de Mitos.👍

Will send you the prize now.

Hey is this still going on? :D


ya I was going to leave it for 2 days, I guess I should of mentioned that in the article


Awesome! I've enlisted

Aquiles :)

looks like the king on a deck of cards - name him hoyle

King of Chaos

Mighty MiniKing

King Napolean
Battlecry: Napolean Complicity !!

shadow this name is the best

King Nephilim :) or King Milihpen

Luke crownwalker
Battlecry: I am Your Chibi!

Barbarian king