Funding update number 1 - 1.02% Funded

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Reason for this post:

The reason why we are making this post is Chibera needs your support. We already have $65,000 which will get us only partially where we need to be. There's more funds needed to get it to the level we need and want out of a real MMORPG that has 4k support and that is VR ready.

Chibera hopes to add a new portal of interaction for Steem. Which we hope will allow the creation of a bridge between a market that has millions to spend but nothing to really spend it on other than cashing out. With features like sharing clips of your gameplay and cool screenshot directly to the Steem blockchain - this will bring new users who are yet to be touched by the mysterious world of blockchain technologies.

Currently, we've been supported with $659 dollars of the $65,000 we need.


You can help fund Chibera using Steem/sbd or delegation:

Every person who buys a perk will be Entered into drawing into winning a custom Chibera I7 1080 ti liquid cool custom RGB custom PC with razor mouse and keyboard.

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Chibera Open World MMORPG Crowdfund!

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Keep up the good work, the universe wants this game to happen.


Well, were glad you think so.

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I can not wait for a fully functional game that implements Steem block chain in some manner.

Simple things like Steemagar have been fun. But I can imagine hours of MMORPG entertainment while also earning some sweet Steem rewards through game play.


Yeah just by doing quest and getting items will allow you to post them on the auction house to earn steem.

Why do you want VR in mmo?:) Good fighting, looting and crafting mechanics are sooo much more important.


Because the game is also going to be a visual experience as well.

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