Chibera - Is now on kickstarter! Help us out!

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Chibera is now on kickstarter trying to fund our game.

Please share even if you can't afford to help us out.

We're currently trying to crowdfund $250,000 to get us to beta.

If we reach $500000, all contributors including contributors level 1 or higher will be given maxed out bank storage slots. If it goes well beyond that expect more rewards for contributors of either crowdfunding platform.
Kickstarter sadly will not allow a PC giveaway on their site which is in the TOS stated by So if you want a chance at winning a PC you will need to contribute to Chibera on

Earnable Rewards

If you would like a 1000 Cash shop points just resteem this post and retweet our tweet on twitter. All you need to do is post your proof via a screenshot in the comments and login to Chibera.

Twitter post:

Chiberas Commitment To Steem

Support this project on

Contact us on our social media accounts or discord!


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

Be sure to also visit and like our social media

Chibera Facebook | Chibera Twitter
Chibera Instagram | Chibera Discord


Sharing everywhere including Linkedin

CHIBI power!

That's awesome
Done and done....

(also resteemed)

Resteemed, retweeted and loged in!

Link to retweet

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Resteemed and retweeted!

Resteemed and Retweeted


Hello @thedegensloth,
I have pinged u on discord. Can you check and reply

Great! Hope you get some more help and this begins to grow more and more, best of luck, i'll be here supporting always!

You got it chibi!!

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This project is being supported by @Fundition the next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain.

Read the full details of Fundition Fund program
Learn more about Fundition by reading our purplepaper

Join a community with heart based giving at its core
Fundition is a non profit project, by supporting it with delegation you are supporting 200+ projects.

best of luck

quarter of a mille KK ... a lofty goal :) i hope you get it

do you have any footage of anything at all ? gameplay footage i mean, not screenshots, i logged in to the site but there seems to be not much on it yet?

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