Chibera Elder Race Art Design Contest - Win $200 in prizes

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The Chibera team is proudly presenting you a new contest! This time we are looking for visual artists to create how they think the Elder races should look!


For more information about the Elder Races we highly urge you to visit the post that introduces them and gives you a little bit of lore to work with:

The Elder Races Of Chibera


What do I need to do to win STEEM?

That is quite easy a thing to explain. Draw, model or create what you think one of the Elder Races looks like. You can make a drawing, a 3D model or even a sculpture if that’s your thing and you have a chance to win.


The rules
  • Your submission must be original work and one of kind
  • You have until the 16th of October 2018 to submit your creation
  • Your submission must be posted here in the comments or in our Discord in the #contest-posts channel
  • If you are producing an image or 3D model the image has to be at least 1080 by 720 px large
  • Multiple submissions are allowed
  • Please refrain from submitting nude creations
  • You must use the tags chibera and chibera-art
  • You must submit your posts in the comments or in the discord channel.
What can you win exactly?


1st Prize

30 STEEM Level 3 Perk and 5000 Cash Shop Points


2nd Prize

20 STEEM Level 2 Perk and 2500 Cash Shop Points


3rd Prize

10 STEEM Level 1 Perk and 1000 Cash Shop Points


The images shown in this post or the post that gives the The Elder Races lore are only examples. Don’t feel bound by them at all. Create your own stuff and let your imagination run wild!

Contact us on our social media accounts or discord!


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I upvoted it and resteemed AND commented AND i joined the discord

can i break up the human grpoup into multiple races? like have real races of world countries like Americans, Europeans, Africans, Latin americans, Islamic peoples, East Asians, Indians, etc etc actually theres 7 major race gropups with like 1 billion of each (some are like 900 million like latin americans some are like 1.5 billion like east asians or indians will be, ) but basiucally you have SDEVEN 1 billion pewrson groups

East Asians
SouthEast Asians

see? 1 billion of each! tyhat makes 7 billion people ! sure theres some groups who wanna try anbd be differnet but you all basicaly fall into thosegroups, except for polynesians i guess they are different but i would just lump them into southeast asians honestly we can totally prevent the global coming race wart like this

lol i heard an ad for a movie called "race war" on teh readio all about what would happen IF there wa a realk race war

so i will create RACE war games the MMORPG

Here is my entry. To kick start the contest. Haha
I have more entries coming up.

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