Chibera - Discord Referral Contest. 50 STEEM REWARD

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Okay everyone Chibera will now be rewarding for invites to the server!
Inviting people = rewards(they must join the server for it to count)

Don't know about Chibera yet?


Giving back to dedicated community members.

The first person to 200 followers will win 50 steem.

Please follow the rules below


!invites - Tells you how much invites you have left
!ranks - Tells you the ranks and how much invites for each

Use these commands in commands-channel room


NO BOTS! If you're caught using bots or paid services you will be banned.
The bot we use can auto-detect cheaters and will auto ban you.
Do not go on a spamming spree people will report you.
It's a very good idea to double check if the user has already been invited.
Please only invite Steem / Crypto Users for the time being.

P.S If you don't use permanent Links you're invites will expire


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

Be sure to also visit and like our social media

Chibera Facebook | Chibera Twitter
Chibera Instagram | Chibera Discord

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I have never been good at this kind of thing, but I'm bopping around the Chibera information and just wishing very much that everything was just ten years ago, when I was not only eager to get more into gaming, but also had the time for it. Let's all just hope that our accounts become oh, so valuable that we can retire and just play mmorpg's. Oh, and also raise our children.

interesting and worthy contest

Great idea and initiative. Upvoted and resteemed.


Well thanks for the support!

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Hello, very interesting contest.


Yeah its a good way to build up the community