Junior football team in North Thailand's Chiang Rai Province trapped in flooded underground cave found alive and well

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I don't know how much international coverage this story has, but a team of junior footballers, aged from 11 to 16, have been found alive and well after 11 days trapped in a flooded cave, without light, water, food. There was a concerted international rescue operation - and British rescue divers finally found them. They are all alive and well. I live in North Thailand (Chiang Mai, not Chiang Rai). I am SO happy. The whole of Thailand is happy. The energy is amazing. I can post links to news reports if anybody is interested. In fact, here's a Youtube video:

This is my first Steemit post - I apologize if I have infringed any rules, or if this has already been reported.
I am very, very happy right now.
But it isn't over.
Getting the lads out will not be easy. The monsoon season is setting in. None of them can swim. The rescue divers had to remove their oxygen tanks to get through some restricted passageways.
Everybody please send love and best wishes to these lads and their coach.


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