A Beautiful 1957 Bel Air in Mint Condition - What an Amazing Classic Automobile.

in chevrolet •  2 months ago


This is A Beautiful 1957 Bel Air in Mint Condition. What an Amazing Classic Automobile. The lines on this beauty really distinguish the wonderful shape of this vehicle. This wonderful classic Chevy runs like a champ and purrs like a lion. Pure muscle in this Beast. There were a few of them at the show but this one really caught my eye.

Hearing it run was unbelievable. I am not into Red cars so much or even a Maroon colored vehicle, but this amazing car was just beautiful. I can imagine myself just driving it around back in that era and being really proud of this incredible car. I hope all of you enjoy the photo. Have a blessed day.

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how beautiful car...it loooks like it'll be fly in the air:)

Definitely a beauty, looks like it's got some nice upgrades in it too!