My chestnuts are sprouting

in chestnuts •  11 months ago

I spent a afternoon collecting these chestnuts last summer, and I forgot about them. I've just found them in the van, and they've started some good healthy sprouting. I think they might be too far gone to cook, so I think I'll plant them in the wild bits by the roads and layby parking areas.

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I've just Googled sprouting chestnuts, and it seems you can cook them if the sprouts are shorter than 2 inches. After 2 inches, they change flavour from 'store' to 'grow'.

Here is a picture of 5 of them with longer shoots. I'm tempted to cut off the brown bits, and cook the rest. I'll try it with a few, and see if they taste any different now they have shifted to 'grow' mode.


I'm down in your region of the UK and have blogged a bit on wild food foraging and bush craft. If you scroll back in my blog a ways there are several post on it. Give me a shout if you do any in depth post on bush craft, wild food foraging, gardening, etc. and I'll help you promote them happily. A thought on this post, on Steemit we have use of 5 tags. If you had put this post under #homesteading and #gardening it would have gotten more views and potentially more votes. I started the Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative on Steemit with @davemccoy and we can be found under the #newbieresteemday. We focus on helping new users gain more exposure and helping them out. If at any point you need a hand don't hesitate to shout.


I'm sorry to be slow in replying to you. I seem to have taken on abit too much at the moment. The chestnuts came from a private woodland in Liss in Hampshire, and they are a bit small. Probably as a result of the lack of rain last year. I'm quite keen on a lot of hedgerow products, such as nettles, ground elder, hazel nuts, dandelions, blackberries and many other common items. I use dandelion root to make a hot drink for example. When I get a chance, I'll start to post some info about my findings.

Thanks also for the Steemit tips, I need to sort out the structure in my head, and I'll probably put some info on - I managed to pick up that domain a while ago, and I'll start to use it as a personal notebook.


If you scroll down my blog to the write ups on wild medicinal plants, or even much much further to the book I put on Steemit around the topic you'll find a real useful format that I have found works. Well, on the topic I tend to gain anywhere from 1 to 10 sbd per go. A few have flopped but only because I was reposting high earners I created. Basically copy and pasting my old work to give it another go. Sadly cheetah flags them and it tanks the chance for vote so I stopped. And yes, the cheetah bot will flag you if you post your own work more than once. If at any point you want a hand I'm more than happy to help. Especially around bush craft as a topic. Years ago I used to teach courses on it. So it's a love of mine. Don't worry about the late response. I'm just as bad. lol. Best of luck and lnever hesitate tpo reach out if I can help.


Thanks for the offer, and I'll come back to you if I may.

I thought I would post an update.

I seem to have too much food at the moment, so I decided to do the environment a favout, and I've spread the chestnuts around in woodlands next to roads. They'll probably all get eaten, but maybe a couple will become trees.