ChessMasters: Results From The Second Steemian Chess Tournament

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ChessMasters/SteemSports Editor: @theprophet0. [Witness]

ChessMasters/SteemSports Presenter: Yuriy Kosyanchuk - @stranger27.

The Results

The 'Quick' Victory

@joewantsfreedom v @virtualgrowth

@joewantsfreedom checkmated @virtualgrowth on his 18th move! Which is rather fast for a blitz game!

The detailed computer analysis is available here.

Diezel Power

@writingamigo v @kooshikoo

The detailed computer analysis is available here.

@kooshikoo was pretty strong in this game and to be honest, just unstoppable.

Bishops Duel

@stranger27 vs @writingamigo

The detailed computer analysis is available here.

@writingamigo proved that he can not only write, but defeat strong oponents!

The next tournament(s) will be this weekend. Details will be published in the middle of the week so follow and vote @chessmasters account if you want more of these events.Meanwhile, all of you Steemit chess players who wish to participate in the upcoming tournaments, have time to prepare.

Ways to Get Better

1. Study the rules carefully, especially sections:

  • How are scores calculated?

  • Arena Berserk

  • The winner of the last tournament used the Arena Berserk option to get more points and play more games than other participants. Though it is not easy to play with half of their clock time, it may help you get points if you feel your opponent plays weaker then you.

2. Get to know your rating by playing rated games on This way
you will know your strength and this info will be useful when future tournaments have rating limitation.

3. Check your statistics on that your account generates.

  • Not only can you check your rating history, but you can also analyze your games and improve your skills. Here is an example from my Lichess account

  • Pay attention to the Chess Insights section - it contains some very interesting data from your chess matches.

4. Try lichess training section. It gives you great suggestions to increase your chess skills.

Feel free to share your comments and any suggestions you may have.

Keep in mind that 70% of the liquid rewards from this blog will become rewards for the next tournament!

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