Chess Puzzle ~ Mate In Three ~ White To Move

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Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.34.44 PM.png

This puzzle is a forced mate in three with white to move. See if you can figure out the move sequence and put it in the comments below. Don't use any help or chess engines to find the solution and feel free to add your thinking process to your comment. Please try to use standard move notation if you know it. Easy enough to google it, or just do your best.

Chess is not only a wonderful game, I think it's more than a game in many ways. I think it depicts life in many ways. There is conflict, opposition, equality, inequality, honesty, deception, power, weakness, life and death. And so much more. There is what happens on the board, and there is what happens off the board. Being gracious in victory or defeat matters. How the game is played matters.

Or does it?

It matters for humans, but it does not seem to matter for machines or chess engines as they are referred to.

I'm looking forward to see who solves this puzzle. I will post the exact move sequence at some point. Likely after this post closes.



Saludos. Interesante!
1.Dg6+ Axg6 2.Cg5+ hxg5 3.hxg6#. Me emocionó encontrar tu post dedicado al ajedrez. Creo que poco a poco nuestra comunidad ajedrecística está aumentando en esta plataforma...
I was thrilled to find your post dedicated to chess. I think that little by little our chess community is increasing on this platform.

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