Chess training: french defense / Schach Training: Französische Verteidigung (Video)

in chess •  16 days ago

I play two games of chess with the black pieces and then analyze the mistakes. To learn a new defense quickly this method is very effective for me.

Ich spiele zwei Partien Schach mit den schwarzen Figuren und analysiere anschließend die Fehler. Um eine neue Verteidigung schnell zu lernen ist diese Methode für mich sehr effektiv.

HD Video Commentary (35 minutes)


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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Thanks for the video ! It is necessary to promote chess on the website. And these videos are very important. I'm waiting for a new tournament on Saturday.

You are the only one I know in the steem blockchain that post Chess games analysis.
And since chess, is the only game I fall in loved with, I am really happy that you are keeping the chess game alive in the blockchain.
Thank you very much for your contribution.


We play every Saturday at 20 GMT a steemchess tournament, this Saturday the 74th round, that is more than one year without any break! Sometimes we have up to 3 videos with live comments. Feel free to join at any moment, more on my blog. It is free and for any level!


I have visited it once, even downloaded the app chess, that somehow you used in the site. Will vidit again if i have time.

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Thanks for sharing! This will be useful for others.

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