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Let face it a knockdown all out battle against an equal opponent where you win a hard fought battle is the ultimate chess game. But there are so many more enjoyable entertaining games to numerous to mention them all.  

Let’s be honest who among us don’t enjoy a quick entertaining win in a chess game. A win where you not only defeat your opponent, but you embarrass your opponent with the level of destruction you impose upon that opponent.

Now I will share a little insight about the chess psyche and learning chess. I have mentored a few very good chess players. The most important thing that I always tried to communicate was:  I will share with you everything I know and think about chess but I am still going to beat you. That is exactly what my mentor share with me.     

My mentor was a great friend, a great person, as talented and smart as any person I know. He was also the best chess player I knew. Now listen carefully because I am now going to share some info with everyone. I could not win against my mentor until I felt quiet “A n g e r” and outrage about the series of moves an strategy he was trying to use to checkmate me. I can plainly remember that I was thinking “I am going to make him feel the pain”.  I was a different more improve chess player after that.  

Take a look at my post opening picture “My Favorite Gambit”. What is Joe Steem doing wrong? Well he not angry, you don’t have to look angry but you need to be angry about your opponent play.  

Now don’t worry about Joe Steem, he will be fine. Also he will be coming to Dtube in the near future so keep in open eye out for Joe Steem.  

  Now I want you to take a quick look at the game below that inspired me to write about my “Favorite Gambit.”  

Bishop Gambit


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