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  I. Let’s talk about chess 

II. Let’s talk about HF21 

III. Let’s talk about Steem  


Don’t worry everything here will be neat and clean. Only the best parts of the facts will be mention. W h a t ? You think you need all the facts all the time. FYI you will never get all of the facts. So support the good parts the bad parts will always show itself.     

Many Steemians think they have all the answers and solutions to Steem problems and obstacles for Steem to become the number one crypto. I am one of those Steemians that think I have all the answers and solutions. I have decided to make a secret post sometime later with all the information to make Steem number one.  I believe many people will read a secret post. 

  Buy-Sell-Hodl ? 

It’s your Move!  


Not everyone needs to take a public stand on HF21. But there need to be lots of public opinions and there is a lot. One very popular opinion is that the reward pool will be too small to support the authors. Well let’s use a multiple choice question to answer this question.    

A. Reward amount to small.  

B. Less than 500000 voting  

C. A and B    

Answer B –  

A half of millions of more small votes could add up quick and any numbers of authors and projects could be supported. About a half million steemians would be needed to have organic voting and interest on individual blogs.    

Buy-Sell-Hodl ?  

It’s your Move!    

There are many conversations about the price of Steem and why it now has such low standing in the crypto universe. Many people are concern with the effects of bid bots on the Steem economy.  

What if the Steemit community could turned a weakness into a strength (anyone here heard of that before-Counter Attack)? What if Steemit Inc ran all the bid bots and burned all the Steem payment and converted all the rewards to SP? How many small accounts would join Steem to buy 10%roi on a post (many small investors buying SP)?  

  Buy-Sell-Hodl ? 

It’s your Move!  

  Just follow the logic in the game below and everything above will make sense.   


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