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Congrats to @stayoutoftherz
who double the field in total points.

Congrats to the winner of the Bismuth Chess 960 Tournament.

It was a disappointing performance for me as I was outplayed and gave major pieces away. I am not certain I can claim any improvement this week. Well my rating did increase a little bit.

Fourth Tournament

This was my fourth tournament and second variant Chess 960 tournament.
I felt as equally out of play this week as I did in my first Chess 960 tournament. Well maybe not anything can match seeing the chess pieces on different squares of the board at the beginning of a chess tournament.


Simply strategy for next tournament, play some 5/5 and 10/10 games and just try to get use to winning. My biggest break down have apparently came in the end game after be behind on time. The biggest strategy should be to maintain a pace and take more time when you need too. The best way to make up time is to make a great moves.

The Plans For Next Week

Maybe setup some up some endgames to play against the computer. And their is always the Nuclear Option!!! So what is the nuclear option? Well the nuclear option just entail buying some memory and focus pills from Amazon.

Chess a Lesson and a Story

I encourage everyone to look for the stories and the lessons in every chess game. If you are an avid chess player don't deny yourself this benefit. The key to finding these stories and lessons is to realize that chess was invented from life.

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