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Hello pioneering Steemians!

Today, using a fun Chess Puzzle, @leeuw is going to try to garnish some upvote rewards - which can then be recycled for more future prizes.


Steemians from all corners of all (chess/puzzle) Universes are invited to try!

White to move checkmates Black in 3 moves.

Black has two brave and fierce Pawns (peasants) in play ready to promote to Queen once they step onto Rank 1, although somewhat guarded by a single White Knight (horse).

The Black King however is in deep trouble with his back against the wall in the corner. Can White pull this off?

UPDATE: only one try for each player from now. Remember it takes White 3 moves to checkmate. In this puzzle there exists no immediate checkmate. We ask only for the FIRST move of the 3 White moves towards checkmate. I have verified the 100% validity of my puzzle composition via my chess software. In fact any other first move will have White guaranteed LOSE the game!

To participate, enter a comment below with ONLY THE ONE winning first move by White (formatted like for example 'a3-c1') that secures a checkmate in 3 moves. ONLY the FIRST White move we need. No computer assistance is allowed of course, hence i invite you to add with your comment a few words describing the mental process you went through in finding your move, ultimately @leeuw's ruling may be subjective, allowed to be random and is final.

The correct move with the most believable, funny, unique or sensible way that made you discover (or guess hahaha) the winning move without the computer aid, has the best chance for a prize of 2 SBD, subject to @leeuw's aforementioned ruling. Your upvote will be appreciated by @leeuw and by future prize winners too.

This chess puzzle expires sometime on Tue 11 Dec. Wait for the announcement of the winner on that day.

Good luck, have fun, let's step onto the chess board!


🙆🙆 It's been over 3yrs since I last played this game 😩

Developing new methods for giveaways is very typical of you 🦁

Hahaha resteemed!

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thanks, and you thanks for staying, working, promoting steemians on steem blockchaintrain! there are so many things one can do on this train! this train has slowed down a little but will/must not stop


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Hello friend, what good to know about you, I send you a great greeting and hug through the distance. @leeuw

Hello friend, how are you ?, with a little help from my daughter I came to the conclusion that the movement is a3-h3, I think this is because the black king can not move to g8 because he would be in check with the horse, if it moves to g7 it would be in check with the white king and if it moves to h7 it would be in check with the white queen.

Hi, the piece on a3 is a Bishop and can only move diagonally, you have one more try, and thanks for playing - this one is admittedly somewhat tricky, but thats the fun hahaha

Hello friend, if I'm not mistaken, the movement would move the white queen to the h3 and so the black king would be in check because he could not move to any other side...

Hi, the piece on a3 is a Bishop and can only move diagonally, you have one more try, and thanks for playing - this one is admittedly somewhat tricky, but thats the fun hahaha

Brother, how are you? I have played chess a few times, I hope this time it hits, maybe if we move the a3 to f8 and the king would be in checkmate

hey @alejo1996! sorry your answer is not correct! actually i am working on more chess problem compositions, kind of a useless hobby, just finished one that is mate in 6 hahaha

1.Ng1!... 2.Bf8 ...3.Bg7 mate

thanks for playing @anadello! another drunk knight (or horse haha)! the knight would be kicked off the board by a pawn which would promote to queen in the process, good one! hahaha

Hello Friend how are you? something interesting chess you can spend hours here to try to win haha long ago that I do not play it I think the last time was at school is to say many years ago, I will try to remember a little
What about the F6 to the D7?

thanks for playing @yesslife! await my ruling Monday!

Chess a game where you need a lot of concentration, I'm not very good at playing but I think I'm ready to make a move friend @leeuw
E2 to C3

that's a good one haha, the Knight (on the horse) must be drunk, why care about the peasant pawns lets go hop around on the board, thanks for playing, good one! UPDATE: maybe winner

Hahaha maybe he's drunk, I think last night he was in a bar drinking a lot of beer and then he came to the challenge haha

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I did not play chess, so I would say that I would move G6 to G7 so that the black King would stay shaking in the corner. I only guess hahahaha