Any interest in a weekly steemit chess tournament

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A couple of posts pop up on #chess now and then for a tournament starting in 1 hour, that's not enough time to get people organised. So, we could have a weekly tournament with a set time and try and increase the numbers each week.

Time and Day

Open for discussion, but I suggest Saturday at 19:00 UTC, should be an ok time for North America and Europe and some early rising Aussies might even make it in. As I said time is open to discussion but I think once we pick a time we should stick to it.

Prize Money

Main thought is just a fun tournament but as this is Steemit and money is hard coded into it, there could be a way to award a small prize. A thought I had is that the winner each week sets up the post for the next week's tournament. If we use this weekly post to discuss tricky spots and cool moves, to moan and bitch etc, the post and follow on comments could generate a good bit of rewards.

And if the non winner created the weekly post? thats a paddlin'


I use lichess to play, and they have the ability to create a private tournament. I am sure there are other similar sites so we could discuss the pros and cons of them.

Skill Level

Happy to see it open to all skill levels, I am only ELO ~1500 so I am not expecting to win, ever

Game Type

I would suggest 10 + 0 as any quicker and it might exclude less experienced players.

First Tournament

If we get some interest and some agreement on the format we could start Sunday the 8th of January?

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Nice idea! In general I would be interested but I fear most of the time will not have enough time to take part ... especially as your suggested time control of 10 + 0 will make the tournaments last rather long (I like more 3 0 or 2 0). Good luck!