Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02378

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Contemplate this 'KRRN vs kn' mate in 3 chess puzzle or problem (whichever you wish to call it) composed by a computer using the 'Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate' computational creativity method. It does not use endgame tablebases, artificial neural networks, machine learning or any kind of typical AI. The chess board is a virtually limitless canvas for the expression of creative ideas (even by computer). Depending on the type and complexity of the problem desired, a single instance of Chesthetica running on a desktop computer can probably generate anywhere between one and ten problems per hour.

8/3K1R2/5Nk1/5R2/8/8/8/5n2 w - - 0 1
White to Play and Mate in 3
Chesthetica v10.82 : Selangor, Malaysia
2018.11.14 6:57:05 AM
Solvability Estimate = Difficult

If you notice any version of Chesthetica 'skipped' from one problem to the next, that simply means additional (minor) changes were made to the program before it was set to run again. White has a decisive material advantage in this position but the winning sequence may not be immediately clear. Try to solve this as quickly as you can. If you like it, please share with others. Over time, the tactics you see in these puzzles will help you improve your game.

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Main Line of the Solution (Skip to 0:35)
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