Computer-Generated Chess Problem 01681

in chess •  5 months ago

Here is a 'KRRNN vs kbppp' four-move chess problem generated autonomously by a computer using the DSNS computational creativity approach which doesn't use any kind of traditional AI. There is no known limit to the quantity or type of compositions that can be generated. Now with synthesized audio narration!

8/8/1b6/1K1p2p1/3k4/p7/1R3R2/2N3N1 w - - 0 1
Chesthetica v10.56 : Selangor, Malaysia
White to Play and Mate in 4 : 2017.10.20 7:50:25 AM
Solvability : Moderate

Okay, let's see.... Did you find this one interesting or have something else to say? Leave a comment below! Some of these problems may be trivial for you, especially if you're a club or master player but bear in mind that chess lovers can be found at all levels of play; so check out some of the other problems. You can probably find something more to your taste.

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