Steem Chess Season 3

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The No 1 Chess playing platform that connects all chess players on steemit is back. The last season ended 28th of April 2018, it started early February. The Steem chess is always held on Saturdays 22:00 on .So you if don't have an account go create one.

Why should you play?

    • You get to battle it out with different chess players from different countries in different levels
      You get to improve your chess skills by players better players
      And you a payout shared to all participants
  • How to Join
    Firstly register on
    Then either download the app or play online.
    Register your Lichess I'd with @schamangerbert on any of his new chess post as a comment.
    Check the reminder post for Tournament link.
    The Password is "steemchess" and battle. It is that simple, I hope to see new guys.

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    Very Cool ...Now I just have to find the time to sit down and play a game with you guys ....Life is just so

    Trust me, you'll love the experience.😆

    And could use the practice been 3 years since I played a game ... A bit rusty ...used to play every day for years .... had a few friends who loved to play but no longer live near by ....

    Your new friends are just a few clicks away :)