tour next friday, m+s, etc.

because I love strumming the guitar and drinking tea while playing chess

Season 3 "Autumn": 11 Sep to 20 Nov 2020                    
Round 6 of the Hive Blitz Chess Tournament, EveryFriday 19 GMT  
    • organizer StayOutofTheRedZone
minextra secgame type
1 min0 sec1/960
3 min3 sec960
5 min5 secbughouse
8 min8 seccrazyhouse
10 min10 sec🙾кнопка для тех, кто не умеет ходить конём
swissarenabutton for those who cannot move a knight
datastartdurationcontroloptiontitleclubtypelink will be on Thursday
13/10/202019-00 GMT1hm+sblitz/rapidRound 6 of the Hive Blitz Chess TournamentThe Chess Communityarena/swiss

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