In Chennai, especially in the city's Ambattur-Parsi area.

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In Chennai, especially in the city's Ambattur-Parsi area, there is a large part of automotive companies in India. The city is a major center for motorcycle parts industry. The factory of heavy duty vehicles made military vehicles. Arjuna, India's main battle tank, is built here. The Indian Railway's Railway and Rail Engines (Integral Coach Factory) are also in the construction industry. Chennai is an important center for Indian banking and revenue.

Chennai is the main center of the Tamil language entertainment industry (film, television, and recorded music) and the second largest center of Indian entertainment industry.

Medical Centers:

There are world-class medical facilities including government and private hospitals in Chennai. Important hospitals in Chennai are Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Specialty Hospital, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Chattinad Health City, MIOT Hospital, Sri Ramchandra Medical College and Research Institute, Vasan Healthcare, Dr Mehta Hospital, Global Hospital and Health City, Shankar Nethralaya Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust.

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