Chemtrails -Stop Spraying Our Kids!

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Sick of the Chemtrails-Stop Spraying our Kids!

To All of Us Whom it Concerns,

For several years now I have become aware of ' Persistent Jet Contrails' above my home and my city of Victoria BC' Canada. Jet contrail aerosols are being sprayed daily above me, my family and friends. It concerns me deeply. I have witnessed personally criss-crosses, loop d loops and gridding in the sky by what a number of us believe are Military Jets spraying aerosols. The jet contrails spread to cover the sun and cover the whole sky above us. We have been having little sunlight here in comparison to the sky's that I am used to. I have lived in Victoria all of my life. I still see passenger jet aircraft flying overhead that leave little to no contrail then moments later, in the same airspace/atmospheric conditions, a 'dirty' jet will spray 'dirty fuel'. Traffic over our fair island should not be as heavy as I am witnessing or have witnessed in all of my years here. Many on the Island, in Canada and around the world have been noticing this phenomena. If these sprays are just jet fuel...then they need to clean up their act which I am sure is possible with modern technology?

The acceleration of persistent, spreading contrails has been happening for the last couple of years. An escalation. This is worrisome. The Military Industrial Complex have before in the past, been proven to have tested biological agents on the pubic, without their knowledge or consent. The Cancer rate and Alzheimer rate have skyrocketed and people around me seem to be getting sicker and sicker. Is this a de-population agenda?

Stratospheric Geo-engineering- Dr David Keith of The University of Calgary and now of Harvard, has already presented to American Congress, the TED conferences and other scientific conferences ,the already patented ideas of spraying nano sized Aluminum particulates into the sky to reflect sunlight away from Earth to curb Global Warming. He says that Aluminum is the cheapest substance to use. Many people have questioned this and many believe an act like this will actually achieve the opposite. It will actually 'blanket' the earth and cause more warming. The health effects of breathing nano sized particles of Aluminum fallout is devastating.David Keith Admitted to We Are Change Calgary that he Invests in the Alberta TAR sands/ John Holdron, Obama's top science adviser says that he believes we need to keep geo-engineering on the table...and that we may need to use it if the global warming gets too bad. Millions of us believe that they have already implemented the program. Dubbed 'Project Cloverleaf'.

Military Aspects and Uses.-The Military have long coveted the power of 'Weather Control'. I have a copy of a document called 'Owning the Weather in 2025' presented to the Pentagon several years ago that outline aerosol spraying in use with frequency technology. We assume that they have achieved their goal years ahead of their plan. As well...Aluminum is a great conductor and works well for radar. The new Missile Defense Shield that we hear almost nothing about in the media needs precise Radar 'eyes'.

Monsanto Aluminum Resistant Non-Reproducing Genetically Altered Seed- Monsanto has a long history of Military Contracts. At present they are 'pushing' worldwide their seed which is Aluminum Resistant. This works in conjunction with their Round Up Ready Pesticides. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contribute funds to Monsanto. Monsanto is the creator of Agent Orange used over Vietnam. I do not trust this company to be in control of our food supply and neither do Canadian Farmers. They are fighting in Parliament as I write this to protect our heirloom food seed. Pollinators like the honey bee are dying out. Check out C-BAN(Canadian Biotechnology Action Network) online for information on this issue.

Dr Nick Begich and Dr Roslalie Bertel - Two important names to Google or YouTube. They have both done extensive research on the Military Industrial Complex,HAARP(ELF Technology) - and Environmental Degradation/Pollution by the Military. -Ted Gunderson-Ex Chief of the FBI's Website-Go to this website to get the full story on what he calls 'death dumps'. What is happening is a crime against Humanity and every Living thing here on Earth.

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