Anselme Payen and the Birth of Biochemistry

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In 1833, French scientists Anselme Payen and Jean-François Persoz, discovered the enzyme we call amylase, or diastase.
A diastase is one of a group of enzymes that brings about the breakdown of starch into maltose. The two men also isolated cellulose for the first time and gave it its name.

Payen became manager of a borax-refining factory when he was 23, and he soon invented a process for synthesizing borax from boric acid and soda. This broke the Dutch stranglehold on borax, which had to be imported from East Asia at the time.

Payen had many other inventions as well, including processes for sugar, starch and alcohol refining, a method for nitrogen determination and a decolorimeter, for analyzing and processing sugar.

Diastase enzymes cause the starch in beer mash to rapidly transform into soluble sugars, which greatly improves speed and ease of separation. Amylases can be extracted from many sources including plants, milk and saliva. The discovery of the enzyme is regarded as the beginning of the branch of biochemistry.


I love near Dow Chemical and Dow Corning so I have grown up around chemists and bio chemists my whole life. The town is practically lousy with them. You can't walk through the store without running into at least five of them. Seriously! :)

Interesante la historia del químico Anselme Payen, es verdad acabo con el monopolio que tenían los holandeses, también descubrió la llamada celulosa.

Seems like Payen did a lot in the field of biochemistry. It's one of those things where one discovery leads to next and to the next and new uses and applications are found for each discovery. Cool tid bit of history

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