A chemical engineer who will create a new kind of renewable energy (Yuriy Roman)

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more than one years into graduate school, Yuriy Roman had what he calls a “tipping point” in his profession. He realized that each one of the lessons he had taken was main him in the direction of a deep understanding of the concepts he had to design his personal solutions to chemical problems.

“all the classes I had taken came collectively, and that’s once I started out understanding why I had to recognize something approximately thermodynamics, kinetics, and transport. All of these ideas that I had seen as greater theoretical things in my classes, I should now see being implemented collectively to resolve a problem. That honestly become what modified everything for me,” he says.

As a newly tenured school member in MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering, Roman now tries to manual his college students toward their personal tipping points.

source https://goo.gl/5kt3k9
Roman, who grew up in Mexico town, loved chemistry from a younger age. “I simply favored to play with such things as cleaning soap and bleach, which maybe wasn’t the most secure component,” he remembers. any other favorite hobby became juicing cabbages to provide a pH indicator. (Red cabbage contains a chemical referred to as anthocyanin that changes color when exposed to acidic or primary environments.)
Read the full story here https://goo.gl/5kt3k9

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