Real Madrid will choose Neymar over Hazard

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It's been a transfer problem which seems to have lasted for a considerable length of time. Real Madrid has been involved in a hurl up between Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar and Chelsea's Eden Hazard for quite a while yet they may have made up their psyche.

As indicated by The Times, Los Blancos will pursue a move for Neymar, which could rule out a move for Hazard. The 27-year-old holds the record for the world's most expensive player, so he will come at quite a hefty fee.


Neymar is better than Eden Hazard, in any case

The two are often compared however in case we're being honest, there's solitary one winner. Neymar is better than most players on the planet and Hazard is one of them.

His style and somewhat cockiness makes him one of the most attractive footballers on the planet, which is the thing that Real Madrid needs more than any time in recent memory. Try not to get me wrong, Hazard has pizazz however Neymar is basically on another level.

Neymar likewise has age on his side. While the two are yet to approach their prime years, Neymar still has a little more time maturing at 27, where Hazard is already 28.

Both of them have different club circumstances as well. Neymar isn't desperate for a move away, which could give him the mental edge. He has played in La Liga before so the settings will be normal to him and he wouldn't need to take whenever to alter.


On that note, murmur…

Will Neymar be considered a snake for joining Real Madrid? After everything, he spent huge numbers of his formative years at Barcelona, chief opponents of Los Blancos. My answer to this is yes, of course, however should that title hinder his move? Absolutely not.

Some players can play the miscreant well and Neymar seems that type of player. He has the capacity and skill to absolutely destroy Barcelona's defense, despite how solid they've looked. This will secure his place in the hearts of the Real Madrid fans if nothing else.

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