saved my pockets for college books!

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So what an amazing website so far! I’m not one to post and rave about a company; it’s pretty rare that I can say I’m satisfied with a company in a long time.

So this Fall semester I’ve been shorted on FASA 😢 which sucks; if you know what that feels like it’s not a good feeling! 😩

So; I’ve manage to take on more classes this term which left me with a total of $500+ tax for 4 books for 4 classes. I’m probably never going to read these ever again; but the responsible thing to say is “ I keep my books and revert back to them from time to time for references and or a refresher”. 🗣 I do not do that at all! By the next year those authors have already changed and or tweaked these books by adding another chapter or a page of information; for the same book now you have to pay $230 🤑 for a book for one new chapter or page.

It can be extremely frustrating especially when everything is coming out of your own pockets! So I had to start doing some research.

Professors aren’t really going to tell you where to buy a cheaper book, it’s rare a professor even cares to tell you they just say go to the school book store! Schools should have discount codes for websites and books stores at your University.

So while doing my research I came across this website let me rent 2 of my books and I brought the 3rd book all for under $100 for 2 book rentals for $30+ tax and 1 book purchase for $35 I spent a total of $98.00 😲 I was in shock same exact book my school was charging a 💪🏽 and a 🦵🏽 for! If I brought these 4 books I still wouldn’t hit $250 for purchase. The 4th book however wasn’t found because my college made that book only for my school smart and F** up because it can’t even be found as “used” must be brought new!!🥊🥊

So when I was waiting for my order they let me get a free ebook of my purchase so I can start using the book while waiting for it to arrive. It took a week to get to me but it didn’t matter because I was using the ebook/ eReader in the meantime which came in handy.

I also received a bonus! I got an envelope full of discounts for and gift cards and discounts off of GrubHub; which will come I handy in the near future! I even got a can of REDBULL I LOVE REDBULL. I guess that was the icing on the cake for me. I took some pictures of what I got in the mail and it was satisfying to get something in return for spending money that I won’t get back.

I would definitely recommend them which I did to my classmate and now to you esteem platform. Free discounts and gift cards helped; so I will be selling and buying my books for now on, on CHEGG but however if I do find somewhere else cheaper I’ll go to where the prices are low!.