My Cheetah blacklist. My apology to the steemit community

in #cheetah7 months ago

5 days ago I wrote a post about wolves team. I read the post on wolves' website and I summarized the content and rewrote it. I have been posting about wolves for over a month now which when I do, i copy the website link or the direct link of the post to source the image of the post, because I believe when the source link is clicked it will automatically direct people to the website.

I got 4 messages from a sport tribe member that I spin the post and also from steem cleaner that I have been banned for deliberate plagiarism of spun content.

Honestly I never had it in mind to claim someone content, I actually read the post and rewrite it and use the site link as image source. I never knew that, not using the direct link at the top of the main post is an offence and this had also been the way I had been telling new steemains to source their post whenever they make posts. This I spoke to them about, during our steemit promotions we hold here from time to time. Sadly, I just got to know about its vitality following this recent ban.

This had been the way I write my contents right from time (I source the post from the site link or from the post direct link, which i believe they are the same).

I have once fight against plagiarism with my comment on people's post and I never stand to create such act. I will say its a mistake I have been doing without know its against the rule.
I'll try my best to check most of the steemians post I thought same way of sourcing post because am sure many must have been doing same thing just to avoid getting ban.

Here is my appeal to the community for not using the direct link of the post and also the spun content, such mistake won't happen again.

Below is the 2 post link


Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.


Your post about wolves does not contain direct link to the source of original article. It only contains a generic link to site with no direct link to article (neither does it directly point to the source of image).

Also, that link is not stated as source link of the article but source link to the image.
Your post is written on purpose in the way to make it look that it is 100% your writing. The link hidden under image source is an evident manipulation safe guard in order to use it as an excuse when you get caught so you canpretend that you provided the source.


The second plagiarised post that you have not mentioned in apology above follows exactly the same type of deceitful tactic.


You have been plagiarising for a while. These are not the only abusive posts.


You have not plagiarised by re-writing the content but plagiarised by using automatic spinning tool, which can be evidently seen in the nonsensical use of certain words and awkward structure of sentences.

Your appeal has just been extended from 186 days to 256 days for evident lying.