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A man cheating on his spouse asked me this question after i challenged him.,''Can you eat only beans for ten years?At first
i did not know what to answer him because it sounds as if he was making sense then GOD gave me the wisdom to answer him.Immediately i answered him,yes,i can.He laughed at me with a stern look and then asked me,how? So i told him,i love beans so much that i cannot get tired of eating bean.I can turn my beans into cake,make soup with beans or even make moi moi and others out of it.I can garnish my beans with varieties and spice it up with different spices.I also asked him if he has ever heard of the doctor asking his patience to stick to a particular food and steer clear from others,and he answered yes!And i said it was those food can damage his system and send him to his early grave.He protested again,"but sir,for a healthy living,one needs to eat a balanced diet'',i became dumbfounded for a moment before another inspiration entered into me,i realized that the Isrealites ate only manna and no single one among them too ill until they started asking for varieties.,we need meat,they said.God gave them meat until it came out of their noses.When you eat what God is not happy with,it will certainly come out of your nostrils.
God is not happy with adultery. The man wanted to ask me further questions but he paused and asked me to explain the previous answers.Then i explained to him thus., Your spouse is the beans and if you truly love her,you can never cheat on her.To transform my beans into cake and others means a man should spend on his spouse,change her wardrobe,change her hairstyle to improve her looks as often as possible.Buy her what attracts you to other women .To garnish with varieties and spicing up with different spices requires that you use some other types of romance methods with her,like doing it in the bathroom,bedroom and other places other than your home. Make the place to smell nice,tell her stories that will leave her smiling ,go naughty with her.Nudity and immodest dressing may not be acceptable outside the home but not in the bedroom.
Ladies,deliberately expose your cleavages to your husbands.Make your towel drop and deliberately bend in front of him to pick it up just to attract him.Tempt him,seduce him and be his prostitute.Do funny things to his sensitive areas and make him miss you always.
Your woman is your manna from heaven and she is a complete balanced diet .She has protein,fat,vitamin,minerals and carbohydrates in her. SHE IS A TREASURE!The man went home rejoicing.

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