Time Management #6: Prioritizing is the Most Important Prerequisite for Efficiency...

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Hello again, Steemians!

In this week’s blog post regarding the wisdom of time management, we will discuss the importance of prioritizing your chores and actions.

In our series of articles about time management, we have explained the significance of this wisdom and aptitude. Many aspiring dreamers often find it difficult to manage their time and reach peak efficiency with their endeavors.

The main problem with many of us is our senselessness in wasting time and losing control over this precious and irrefutable resource.

Time management is a three-fold facility; time, mind, and space. Your workspace contributes to your constant distractions, while your mind is baffled with new intriguing ideas every second or the reminiscence of past memories comes in the way of your thinking resolution.

The slippage of time is important too, for if we are not self-aware of the passage of time, this deceptive force of nature will leave us ruthlessly leave us behind.

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Let us imagine that you have brought forth self-awareness of all the previous topics that we covered in this series of articles, and now you have a set of chores, actions or endeavors that you need to take on through a specific timeframe.

You are now equipped with the weapon of time management, but there is still one trick that your deceptive mind can play on you.

Our priorities are always shrouded in mystery and our predicament in arranging them remains in a cloud of ambiguity. That leaves a weakness in our schedule, compelling us to be productive in a way that harms our goals and deadlines.

For example, the most important thing you have to is write an article by the end of the week, but you also have other stuff to do in your written schedule.
In this situation, lack of priority obliges you to waste your time doing other insignificant stuff on your list, while almost completely forsaking the most important thing that you have to do.

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This is another one of the mischiefs of your deceptive mind. Lack of priority will lead to your ultimate disappointment in spite of all the measures that you have put to use regarding time management and its techniques.

We could also link this to the Pareto principle (which we talked about in an older blog post) about the twenty percent of our daily tasks that are of the highest importance and give us the biggest results, as opposed to the rest of the eighty percent that will achieve us little to nothing.

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The importance of setting priorities is your next step towards a journey in achieving true time management. Do not let the importance of your tasks to remain in ambiguity. This vagueness ultimately results in laziness and lack of focus, thus rendering your previous measures redundant and useless.

Be aware of mind, space and time. Plan with delicacy, and take steps to realize those plans.

But above all else, prioritize your tasks in order to reach peak efficiency.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Hello again @chbartist, I´m passing by one more time in your blog to read your content which inspires me.
I´m surprised that not realy much of your mentioned steemians here in the post is known by me, so I think this might be a good idea to join the group to change that.
I´m normaly highly active in the german communtiy as a curator to support this community, so I thought it´s not a bad idea to ask you to include me in the list.

Glad to support another community

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with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas / Don T

Hi @don-thomas. Look at list of last post, I included you! Regards

Hi @chbartist thank you I am glad to read this lines, hope I can bring some effort to the community ;)

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with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Thanks for your words @don-thomas. I'm glad that more a positive person can bring more people to understand that only with a positive Mindset can they progress in their lives. I do not know if you know but I have worked very hard here on steem although my life is very busy because I have many responsibilities, it is only you read older posts that you can better understand what I am trying to say. I really want to see this community that we are building with the foundation of respect, generosity, and almost everyone voting for each other is the spirit that I want to create here. May this become a burst of upvotes among all and this would make me happy because that is the true spirit of community for me. You may have noticed by the comments that here on this blog have no place for negative people unless they want to change their minds that will help themselves. But we do not want people here planting the seeds of ego, evil and negativity. I'll include you in the list of the last post and if possible come with us on this wave because 2019 will be an amazing year if we build it the way I'm with a lot of work to do. You are made very welcome and you can bring others with you. Happy 2019!

@chbartist I had to thank you, I had the last week (and sometimes before) again noticed your posts what inspired me in my first days here on STEEMIT in late april this year, so I took a deeper look again and it seems to be that your way here on the BC is much more effective like mine.
I found in my 3rd week here a member of the german community (@greece-lover) who is thinking my way and seeks for some newbies to support, and lucky as I am (sometimes) he adopted me as on out of five and so my way to support the german community and myself at @steem-bootcamp began.
I totally agree with you about the meaning of a positive mindset, on my way in making business as an selfemployed I struggled often in my life but there even was a light in the darkest moments after I got some more hits in my neck because I am mostly too good and always believe in the good in people.
It often doesn´t pay off, but I'm still more willing to help the people than to condemn everyone, that seems to me to be the better way.
And with respect to your career here on STEEMIT which is only 4 month older than mine, you must have ignored some detours I took.
So guess it´s good to try to learn from you and go on supporting others on there way ;)

For a bright and successful 2019 all the best to you

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with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Hello friend @don-thomas, your words make me very glad. I do not know if you read my posts from the beginning but they all have a logical sequence where I always shared what I lived and are not opinions. Opinions are valid but they are only opinions, it is like something scientific that has not yet been tested. Do you understand what I mean?

I started working at 13 years of being paid for my work, I fought against many paradigms and broke many stones throughout my journey and in my country I am very well paid to be a speaker to thousands of companies that I have a contract.

Also I am an artist and I was very attacked at the beginning of steemit because some said I wanted to appear and be popular. What they never understand is that I do not need steem for that, I am already popular in my country and I am endorsment of many brands that sponsor the greatest guitarists in the world. I am also appearing in these American and European companies.

I saw in steemit the opportunity to share my experience and I do not charge anything so I just get what the system allows me to receive and that's fair because I invested over 100 thousand steems in 2 weeks.

This month I donated nearly 4,000 US dollars through exchanges to people who proved to me that they needed help to have money to eat.

I am here to help and the more people I can gather on my blog I assure you that I have enough experience to show the way of growth for them.

I do not like hypocritical people, we are all here to make money and grow and we are betting our time and our lives on steem as well as many other people.

I will always be honest in my words because they were things that I lived, besides we have to grow up to be able to help others.

I do not tell people what they want to hear, that's dishonest and hypocritical, I tell them what they have to hear, the truth even though it's painful because growing up hurts. Many people have mistaken steemit as a charitable foundation, they want everything from the platform, but do not invest in the platform. This is a serious business and we need people to buy steem and invest so that everyone can grow.

I do not like to say a few things publicly but if you want you can call me at steemchat to talk privately.


To be honest and that´s what I am I still haven´t read all of your post, becuase you are very bussy with that so there is a lot of them.
But there where a few on which I voted in my early days here on STEEMIT because they attracted me and I am remembering your name since this time.
And as you can see I´m back in reading and commenting your post because I think they are very helpfull for a lot of young steemians and maybe for some old ones too, to understand what diligent work and good behaviour can bring up for the whole community as well as for the one that got the rock rolling.

I will come back to you soon in steemchat because there is always things that do not need the be discussed public.

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mit sonnigen Grüßen aus Andalusien

Don Thomas

Each of your posts is being a surprise. But a good surprise. I'm proud to cooperate with you with my best vote, my friend. I hope you keep posting good texts like that. Always using your time, mind and space very well.



Thank again @zetacoin for your kind words. I'm glad too for you stay here with all of us! Happy 2019!

Good afternoon sr @chbartist, a warm greeting.
We must know how to correctly use time, which is a precious commodity

If we talk about a company where we work, sometimes we find people who work a lot, but at the end of the day, despite all the effort they employ, they do not achieve even 60% of the objectives assigned by their superiors. Motivated as you say that they do not establish or prioritize, nor do they execute a work plan that allows them to include in their work schedule all the activities they must execute.
Also, many times we see the opposite, people who apparently are not doing anything in the day and, at the end of the day, have exceeded or at least fulfilled their established objectives, in this case there are 2 options, or the employee has very few activities assigned or manage your time excellently.

These are examples that we can also live at home or in any activity that we develop, be it work, family, fun, etc. If we manage our time correctly, we can meet and exceed the goals we set, it all depends on the planning and the desire we have to be efficient.

Greetings, a big hug.

Thank you for your great comment @rafaelj25

Very good tech & explained post, a great piece of work.
I use something called "circle of trust", that i use to set priorities on my life, tasks, etc. That works fine for me.
Btw i am new here on your blog, i find you reading the trending and now i have to say to read your content. Is just great to learn from you on a such easy way!, thankyou from Venezuela.

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When you mention time and space, you reminded me of the time, when i wanted to be reading something meaningful, not all so called social junks. At the first place i happened to procastinate and i didn't have a genuine reason why. So, then, i decided that every morning i will spent 10-15minutes reading (books). As time goes it now became part of me, whenever that time come i have to read something no matter how for me to feel satisfied. And through that i read many books and learn alot. Good and helpful post! Keep it up!! @chbartist

Agree 100 % for this article. Time, mind and space and suppoerting by with good priority. Because priority is the art that leads us to the vision we want. And priority also talking about commitment. Thanks for sharing it sir @chbartist. God bless you

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@chbartist, Yes, we all talk about the Time Management and more we talk it will ease to understand but in Practical life it's not that easy job. So, first of all we have to understand the important activities because in that way we can prioritise our work effectively because when we know what we have to do then we can do adjustments and we can attain the activities on time which is inturn productive.

But there is one more twist or we can call it as ultimate twist, we have to control our mind because mind hold thoughts and thoughts are dynamic and if we will not going to control mind then it can jump from one thought to another and it can impact our current work or schedule.

Stay Blessed. 🙂

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Nice post ...... Yeah time is the duration of an event by defination. we must all try to manage our time inorder to use it for something beneficiary or something reasonable. A big thanks to @chbartist for sharing. I wish u Merry Xmas and happy new year in advance. keep steeming!👍

Well described. Really, expecting more to read from you. One thing would to point is that; the four quadrant time management matrix might support you to explain. but did not mean, you missed that concept. Happy Christmas!!!

Focusing on priorities is the fundamental factor of being a leader as it enables effective delegation and efficiently completing task to deliver results. As teams engage with these practices, it allows time to be spent for improving and achieving improved results.

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It is right we have to categories our work according to priority. Everyone have lots of work to do but every work have it's own priority and importance so if we want to be successful then we have to do right work in right time. We have to make a list of our work according to categorie of importance and the we have to start most important work first. It is very important to be time consious if we want to do something extraordinary and wants to be an inspiration to other because time is like a rivers flowing water we can't touch again it's flowing water from same place.

So use your time wisely otherwise time will distroy you.


Thank you @ajks for your comment!

Very well written friend @chbartist

We should abandon laziness and concentrate on concentration with our mind and word, and then we can succeed successfully.

Thank you friend

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Thank you Vick! vickfriend for me! LOL

@chbartist I like your Time Management series and I am lucky person , I read all blogs. Yes you are right we must use time with our sense. If we try to kill the time time will ruin us without our persmission. We can be only viewer.

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Dear @chbartist, from today I will start writing my comments in Spanish, this in order to start with the initiative for Spanish speakers. I know that you will understand me and I also know that this will encourage people who do not speak English to participate more actively in our community.
El tiempo , aunque parezca infinito para nuestras efímeras vidas, es lo bastante finito como para poder ser fraccionado en unidades. Desde mi punto de vista, el tiempo es una variable que no podemos controlar, pero lo que si podemos controlar son nuestras acciones y cuanto tiempo invertimos en cada una de ellas. El lograr un equilibrio entre el tiempo que dedicamos a cada uno de nuestros propósitos y saber ponderar que tan importante es el propósito en si para la vida de cada uno es clave en el éxito de la gestión del tiempo. Por eso en la planificación de las actividades diarias hay que priorizar para que lo urgente no le quite el foco a lo que realmente es importante. Bienvenidos hispanohablantes y gracias @chbartist por estas lecciones de vida. Abrazos (hoy desde Colombia).

Dear @chbartist sir!
The importance of time management is to experiment with the efficiency of time. Things are easy for those who have come to manage the time. Life gets complicated for those who ignore time management preference. Time management is not only to improve the quality of our work but also helps in increasing productivity. More people than us waste time in the absence of management. In this area, the mind, time and place should all be included in the proper manner. Time is like a sand if the time is not used correctly, it slips by hand. Self-discipline is the key to managing time well, which inspires us to work hard, removes mental stress And enhance the quality of work. It becomes necessary that we make a list of daily tasks, prioritize their work and give them time to complete them. Of course we will be on the path of success.

Time is free but its priceless you can't own it but you can use it you cant keep it but you can spend it and once its lost you can't get back it so the biggest mistake anyone can make in life is that he think he have time

I want to be included in the list of contributors to this community. Its my pleasure to be a part of this great community

to be honest , i am bad in time management . Its not because i dont know how to make priority stuff , but i always being distracted along the way im doing my job .

I believe i learn another thing about time management , which is space . It is necessaries to prepare goos environment to have a good concentration on doing something or in other words doing our daily job .

thanks once again

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i try to do difficult tasks first because they're time-consuming with the brainstorming and everything. lighter tasks after.

The thing is, time is the resource which can not be preserved or reuse no matter how much money we have.
So your article is the one which leads to use it at most. We often get lazy and feel guilty later. And I am also not different. Prioritizing is really helpful throughout our life.

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it saves a lot of time if you really sort out your tasks accordingly. classify them according to the urgency. that way, it will also be less stressful.

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