Introducing Philippine Culture and CHAT Community in Steemit

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Hello to all fellow Steemians! This is an official entry of @trulaloo in the first contest of CHAT (Culture, History, Art, and Travel) community, hosted by @ella-kay. The main purpose of the contest is to promote the channel (@chatcommunity), so there will be bigger community of like minded people who are supporting each other and creating better content.

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Why are we joining this contest?

We are joining this because we believe in what CHAT stands for. It is also in line with what our group aspires. Basically, we want to share with the viewers and people of Steemit the culture of Philippines through our humor and entertainment videos. At the same time, we would like to connect and exchange ideas with other people.

As for the expectations, we are hoping that this community has a mindset that takes into account the welfare of its fellow members. Hence, we wish that everyone will take the time to engage with each other.

Why you think this community may be beneficial to people?

Trulaloo believes that CHAT will be a great avenue for like minded individual who share the passion in learning about the culture of each other. It will be a place for virtually meeting people with zest for culture, history, art and travel -- who knows maybe it can foster friendship enough to make actual meet-ups possible. In short, CHAT will be a community without borders.

How to make the community better?

CHAT will be an amazing community if it will have mechanisms to reward those who live up to the values and objectives of the group. It will also be fantastic if members will uphold certain qualities that make us stand out.


METRO MANILA - Our wonderful hometown

There are a lot of things we can share about our hometown, but for this contest, we'll be focusing on the wonderful sunset here + Filipino's love for music and food.

Fun Fact: Did you know that METRO MANILA and MANILA are different altogether? Metro Manila is composed of multiple cities which include Manila. However, it's common for us Filipinos to use them interchangeably, so we just need to depend upon the context. It's important to note however that currently it's Manila which is the capital of Philippines.

Amazing city view and sunset


One thing that we personally love about the Metro is that there are spots where you can watch nature's grandeur in painting the sky red. The first among the two photos above was taken along Manila Bay, which is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations to stroll in the metro. The second photo was taken on a rooftop in one of the hotels in Makati (a famous business district in Metro Manila). We just love how each scene is turned into a beautiful masterpiece each time the sun sets.

Overflowing love for music


Filipinos have huge fondness for music. This is why you'll often see us in Karaoke bars during birthday celebrations or even on a normal Friday. It's also common for us to own karaoke devices at home. That's how we just love music. Among our friends, it's common to find 9 out of 10 who are musically inclined, probably 6 of them knows how to sing well and/or play musical instruments.

Festive, vibrant and tasty cuisine


Most of us Filipinos have a deep love for food. We all love to explore and try new dishes. This is why food is always involved in every occasion (even without). The photo above is an innovative dish that is a new take on a Filipino classic -- the "Sinigang". Normally, it comes with a soup, and the broth is clear (see photo above).

All photos are by @trulaloo and @anotsopopularkid

However, for this restaurant named "Locavore", they serve the dish on a sizzling platter, and in a deconstructed manner.

Key takeaway

There are a lot of things to explore in Metro Manila including places to visit and dishes to try. They say that the way to a Filipino's heart is through its palate. We are all hefty foodies, so expect wonderful food hubs spread across the metro.

What's making you curious to visit our hometown? Does it sound like a nice place to explore? Do let us know by sharing your insights.

Be part of CHAT community at

Follow our profile @trulaloo for our upcoming videos and releases. There are a lot of challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support!


The music over the roof is something else!!! I wish I would attend an event like that

It took us forever to reply, but we really appreciate it @mahmoud-shafik! :)

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