Ekkø – blockchain assistant that can provide answers and complete basic tasks

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Greetings everyone! My name is Konstantin Keller. Initially, I was building Ekko for myself and close friends, but then I decided to make it publicly available. Hope you will find him helpful.

Ekkø is your blockchain assistant that can provide answers and complete basic tasks - https://ekko.ai

Ekko uses machine learning to understand natural language so you can ask questions like “What is the best exchange rate for Ethereum right now?” and he will understand you. Or, if you don't like to waste the time you can simplify question to minimalistic format like “btc to usd coinbase”.

Available in:

Browser: https://ekko.ai/
Telegram: https://t.me/ekkbot
Slack: https://slack.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=301725173473.301731110481&scope=bot
Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/ekko.ai
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ekkoai
Line: https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40ekko

What can Ekko do?

Get crypto and fiat conversion

"NEO to EOS", "100 Bitcoins in US dollars" or "How many Waves will I get for 1,000 Euro?"

Specify the exchange or compare across multiple
"$8,000 in Litecoins GDAX" or "Ethereum best exchange rates"

Get a historical price for an exact day or period

"NEO price 2 days ago", "Bitcoin price on Jun 12, 2012" or "Ether price growth in Dec 2017"

Specify the exchange
"OMG price last month on Bittrex" or "Bitcoin price since 2016 on Coinbase”

Find and analyze data about any coin or token

"Ethereum" or "Ripple"

Request a specific property
"SONM white paper", "Monero algorithm" or "Tezos jurisdiction"

Check balance of Ethereum or Bitcoin address

"Balance ETH 0xFBb...98"

Specify the exchange or currency
"Balance BTC 16rCmC...Uk by Coinbase",

Get information about a person

"Who's Brian Armstrong" or "Who is Olaf Carlson-Wee?”

Get information about anything

"What is proof of stake?" or "What's the definition of SHA?"

Here’s full list of skills: https://help.ekko.ai/

Follow Updates

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ekkoai
Telegram: https://t.me/ekkoai

If you would like to provide a feedback or request a new feature, post it here or contact me directly in telegram: @koskeller

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Looks Amazing! Can't wait for you to add more to it!
One suggestion would be to allow people to find other people who want to trade their cryptos through the bot.
Like for example, if I want to sell my Bitcoin through western union, I could ask the bot if there's anyone looking to buy with western union. So if there is no one, the bot makes a record of the requirement which can be used later.
Will be pretty interactive & helpful!
Good Job! All the best, would love to see more to this!


Awesome idea, thank you!


Happy to help! Would love to see this, too many people need this!

check out steem upvote bot tracker,


This looks very interesting, will have to do some more research on it. Impressive!

Upvoted, thanks for sharing.


Thankn you! If you'll have any questions - feel free to ask.


greetings friend welcome to this platform I hope you enjoy it as I do

great post

good post friend


Thank you! Maybe you have any thoughts what I can add to make it even better? )


intigrate google within your search assistant or integrate a voice search function :-)


Voice search - good idea ) Do you have Amazon Echo or any other voice device?

#WAOWWWWWWW.... its so fantastic and is such a hard work you have put in ...I am defiantly gonna check this out !!!! @koskeller keep sharing such interesting and mind blowing posts in future tooo ....#AWESOME !!! highly amazed...

thanks very good app

thanks really good information !!

Hello there mate. I noticed you just promoted your post, and paid a lot.

Not sure if you know yet but, there are bots who made the same thing, and after 7 days you can recover most of your investment, or fully.

Check the vote bots as, "upvote" "randomwhale" and some others.

Have a good day mate, and welcome.


"randowhale" not "randomwhale". Use the one without the m as the one with the m is a scam.


Was a misstype. Thanks i fixed it already.

Wow, this indeed looks very interesting. It will take me some time to figure out in detail what questions you can ask Ekko, but it seems you've put a LOT of work in creating this! Thanks for sharing this Konstantin!


Thx a lot )

It's very exciting idea and realization. Assistant contains things that are very necessary for many users. I will use it. Thank you, @kodkeller


Thank you mate!

thanks. good post

Great idea of conceptualization.

Interesting and attractive
Need to look into it

WOW... i just came! My two favorite technologies combined :-)

so noice! Such a great post, voted, follow plz !

Very nice, Plz, follow me

please help me to follow

Baik selalu dengan mu @koskeller

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