Migrating to New Management

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Hello Steemians,

While hosting over the last year or so has been challenging and rewarding it's time to hand it off to another team that can better support and improve it. I am currently in talks with a couple of candidates who have expressed interest in taking it over so I suspect this transition will happen to sooner than later.

What to expect:
The hope is that this will go smoothly with minimal service interruptions. That said this will be a one hundred percent platform change and there are a lot of moving pieces. I suspect we'll have some down time while the new environments get setup and the large data sets get migrated.

I'll keep you all posted as best I can but also look to whichever team eventually takes on this task to provide better system updates than I have in the past.

Thank you all for your support during the systems many ups and downs. There is a long list of people that help every day with the operations of the system and they should be able to continue to do so going forward if they wish.

Steem on!



I have been on for over 6 months, asked other steemit devs about "why is it down?" and none of them ever told me you ran
I spent some time explaining to other's why they needed to use it, why they needed to create a separate login, etc, etc.

Why don't you just ask people to make you a top witness and carry on?
I dno't really understand; you don't want to work on it any more?

Hoping whatever comes down as replacement can integrate with exisitng Steemit login, for best user experience. Is that possible currently?

I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO UNDERSTAND THIS BETTER if you have time to express about it, and I will also luk for other witnesses to give best wishes, or I may no longer support them, unless they tell much more about htis under the covers move...

For some reason I thought the chat was migrating to a new server.

Thank you for all the hard work you've putted into the Steemit chat and Steem in general.

Take care!

I support your decision and your remarks on the chat page replacement text, tho I am poking you for not bothering to link all the user names :P

I've busted my ass for 1000s of hours here on projects, that contribute and in community leadership roles that build and grow the place.

And yeah, while I don't feel jealous of the deserving witnesses above me, the red-dead ones and the dormant, non-existent, unreachable ones PISS ME OFF.

Good call, making a stand, but your page came off a bit whiney bro, this post is much better at making your case.

I would like to know about your thoughts on this, will read your blog more now...

Well Mr Tesla, I feel that there is a bit of static in the signal of the top 20, distorted perhaps by outside, as of yet, not completely understood forces, mostly of a highly financial and secretive nature. Perhaps even....


Nah, couldn't be.

Ok, I'm rambling. What thoughts were you looking for precisely? I will try to conjure some up. was a backward service that provided GREAT SERVICE to the steemit community.

I make new friends all over the world on!
Then I fly out to see them...

I'd like to understand WHY you were fired? Because the chat was never integrated into the Steemit login?
Because they expected features that never happened after 1 year?
Please tell us your side of why this could have happened.

He fired himself. ;) It was a metaphor for others doing less, being promoted more highly onto the witness ladder by inexplicable funding via mega votes.

Really? He fired himself? Well this was literally not good I can't imagine the mega votes and all, it's really all confusing
I do hope we can hear his end of the story

This is it here in this post

I think he could unfire himself but maybe he's not committed to further integration of and then it's just better to let someone else take it. If so , so be it, but the other side of that is to commit to a new goal and garner support...

Yep, that's exactly right.

I just knew behind is @riverhead the time I read the info of steemit chat is down. As soon as I read it I try to vote riverhead as a witness but for some reason I can't log in to SteemConnect. It says Password or key is not valid. I can't find solution how to connect. Can anyone help me :)

I am a user since I join Steemit. I'm sorry I'm not paying attention for the witness voting of you. I didn't know either what is the purpose of witness :) (I need to read more about steemit) :grimacing:
Thank you for the excellent service. I do like than others..

I'll admit, sadly, that I had not voted for your witness. That's all on me. I should have done better research on who was behind As many people know, I loved the service and admin'd a few channels even. It is a very valuable tool and I cannot thank you enough for all the time and money you put into it.

Thank you!

I have voted for your witness too as I should have done in the beginning.

I had no idea @riverhead was behind steemit chat either. I should probably start paying more attention ...

Or he should have marketed himself more. Sadly thats how most of the top 20 got there, in a sense.

You know how much I've appreciated all of your hard work. I thank you for all that you have already done and wish you the best in the future. I'm here if you need me. Be blessed and thanks for everything @riverhead.

Hey! Sorry to see you leaving... thanks so very much for your contribution to the steemit platform. I can only hope that whomever picks up running chat does as great a job as you've done all this time. Truly enjoyed using it. Good luck in your new direction! And thanks again so very much!

They will, I know the peeps taking it over and they are some of the most amazingly awesome, dedicated people on the platform.

I left you a message here @riverhead. It's a long shot, but hopefully you see it ^ restore some faith ^ value in the community as you have always done.

Best Wishes,



Where am I supposed to troll scammers now?

The helped me grow my account and build lasting relationships here.

Even though I was frustrated at times being a mod in #general, I happily did it for free because I felt like I owed a lot to the chat.

Maybe I’ll spend some time actually posting now.

Good luck my friend.

Thanks for everything you have given me.

Hi @riverhead, thank you for This is where I got my support when I was starting almost 2 months ago and until now. I was really shocked when I saw the message at I was still on it earlier, and now I see the "where is message".

I have voted you as my witness because what you do is valuable to me and to a lot who understands that Steemit is about building connections. I've done a lot of the connecting part at the chat. I wish you success on what you'll do next!

and until now. I was really shocked

Yeah mild shock and I'm a bit sad too :'(

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