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RE: Steemit Beginner's Series Featurette: Chart Your Course Challenge

HOW did I miss this??? Oh. probably because I've been in the hospital with the hubby since last Wednesday - trying to figure out how to screw my brain back in! LOL

no... i did NOT sustain a brain injury. LOL

My husband did a Superman off the handlebars of his mountain bike and the last 7 days (exactly) have been a myriad of doctor's appointments, drives, surgery and recovery! and THAT'S why i'm trying to figure out which way to screw my brain back in. it's righty-tighty, lefty-loosey, right??? LOL

My dear @ameliabartlett - FABULOUS job on this challenge!!!! I am ALL FOR the fun easy challenges - because they really do a wonderful job of letting people take a quick peek into your world! It's a quick way to relate with others, and I secretly love those challenges! hahaha

but..... this one is a hard one - not so fun! But sooooooo incredibly necessary to make that map for your Steemit success!

And you did a very detailed, focused, brilliant job! Bravo!!!!

I love how you expounded on the three aspects of posting, curating, and commenting! There is so much more to Steemit success, isn't there??? But I agree - simplicity is key (for challenges! hehehe)

and more we have in common???? I also have a silly contest brewing for the 1000 follower mark! hehehehe I will have to take hints from yours as you've already passed that mark and i'm still approaching! hehehe

and yet another! children's literature!!! I love it!!! I have 3 children's books published (IRL) and they are my most fulfilling accomplishment to date! (excluding producing my children of course hehehehe) There is something so special about getting down on the ground with children to share a world with them - right??? ahhhhhh. makes my heart sing!!! :)

and as far as the Treasure Hunt.... what a fun trip that's been! hehehehe if anyone DOES want to join... next week is the last for a while. (But probably will have some exciting prizes... so not a bad time to join hehehe) We will do another Hunt series later this year! Though its SUCH a good thing - we need to be spacing out the fun ;) There is such a concept as "too much of a good thing". I don't want my pirates to overindulge on the "rum"! hehehehe


@dreemsteem, you are hilarious! I absolutely loved this challenge and I'm very glad you enjoyed my rendition. I tend to go overboard (pirate pun intended 💁🏻‍♀️) and your challenge was the perfect reign-in for sharing my goals without being overly exhaustive. Plus, it helped me get my head on straight with how I will move forward on Steemit without burning out!

overboard.... you're so punny!hehehe arghhhhhhhhhh pirate humor!! LOLOLOLOLOL
love it - and i'm glad :)

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