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RE: Steemit Beginner's Series Featurette: Chart Your Course Challenge

My word, this is amazing!

You've definitely put your last week to incredible use, and I love the idea of these quantifiable goals. The differentiation between earning while honing your craft versus earning from your creativity is astounding and yet very, very true. I've been doing exactly that the whole time and didn't even realise.... earning from your creativity might just be the last 1% of the journey where you've been earning the entire way.

That's an amazing viewpoint and one I think a lot of Steemians, especially brand new Steemians could benefit from. It's so easy to see the posts earning big money and try to replicate, but it's the process and journey, not the end product.

Thanks for the tag... looks like I've got a lot of thinking to do... which is great because I was already thinking a lot about my Steem future, this will force me to be clear about it.

Thanks for the compliment, but I've always seen myself as way more manly than lovely. I guess that hasn't quite come through yet...


Goodness, had to bring gender into it @aussieninja! Men can't be lovely? ☺️ I look forward to seeing your goals. I have a feeling yours will blow mine out of the water!

Oh men can be lovely!
Lots of men I know are lovely... my Dad is one of the nicest and most generous people I know... I'm just saying that I'm not that lovely, I'm mostly heaps manly.

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