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Complaining is easy. Doing something about it is harder.

One thing I like to bitch and moan about is the fact that Steem Engine doesn't pick the low hanging fruit in usability and integrate simple line charts.

An order book is very nice to have. Without the most important thing - price performance - it is almost useless.
The first thing you need to know if you want to make a trading decision is price performance over time. Only in a second step do you want to know how much of the asset can be moved at what price point.

As a first Chart I decided on the most prominent SE token: PAL


Left Y-Axis: Token Volume

Right Y-Axis: Steem/PAL

Horizontal Axis: Time

Starting date: 09.06.2019, End date: 01.10.2019

I cleaned the first days of trading out of my data set because they were unusual and don't add much information.

For pricing information I chose the daily low in order to be conservative. This is not important for a fairly liquid token like PAL but it will be a more realistic choice for more sparsely traded ones.

If you want to make charts on your own, go ahead and do it. It takes some steps but its not hard. A few basic Excel skills is all you need. Mainly formatting data and charting.

@harpagon made two posts on how to get json data from the API. Here is post 1 and post 2.

This is the call I used for the above data:

Have fun charting!

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Even more interesting with two lines. Steem/PAL and USD/PAL. Just to complain about something. :) But keep charting.

That's another complaint I have about front ends. Use the native currency - Steem - not USD. That's why I left it out :)

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There is no such thing as too much available information. Let's use both, I say. But maybe I'll try to produce it some day.

now plot !BEER

I will plot !BEER but at a later date. I want to do the oldest first. Mo data mo fun.
But beer will probably be an interesting one in comparison to most- because its going up :)

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Ok, now make a chart for !BEER

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @bluerobo, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!