SE Charts: DEC - Dark Energy Crystals

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Complaining is easy. Doing something about it is harder.

One thing I like to to see is a charting option within Steem Engine.

As a second chart I decided on is DEC - Dark Energy Crystals, the in-game currency token for Splinterlands:


Left Y-Axis: Token Volume

Right Y-Axis: Steem/DEC

Horizontal Axis: Time

Time frame: 22.05.2019 until 02.10.2019

I cleaned the first days of trading out of my data set because they were unusual and don't add insight.

For pricing information I chose the daily low in order to be conservative. This is not important for a fairly liquid token like DEC but it will be a more realistic choice for more sparsely traded ones.

Past posts in the series - ordered from newest to oldest:

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If you want to make charts on your own, go ahead and do it. It takes some steps but it is easy. A few basic Excel skills is all you need. Mainly formatting data and charting.

@harpagon made two posts on how to get .json data from the API.

Here is post 1 and post 2.

These are the steps:

  • This is the call I used for the above data:
  • Convert the raw .json data into .csv:
  • Convert the time stamp from Unix Time into human time in Excel with this formula:
    B2 stands for the cell to be converted
  • Depending on your country settings you might have to convert the decimal format from '.' to ',' (from point to comma)
  • Excel charting magic happens here

Have fun charting!

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