BEWARE of new ETH SCAM on Charlie Lee Twitter page!!!

in charlie •  9 months ago

Hey guys, BEWARE of the latest ETH scam on Charlie Lee's twitter account:

Real Ethereum blockchain of this address:

Fake blockchain page that informs you how much ETH you got back. Beware, this is FAKE!!!
FAKE FAKE FAKE, NEVER send any ETH to this address stated here:

You can easily test this when you look at the "OUT" field on the scam-page and copy the ETH address there and compare it with addresses on the real ETH blockchain ( You will get no result, so it proofes this addresses jas neve received the stated amount of ETH.

For all scammers: Think about that: Every scam you make you're creating negative energy that someday hits you hard in your face.

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Hey redart, you made my day. First time in my steemit life I got 6 cents! Yeah, THANK you :D :D