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The photo above is a chart of the Steem Price on Binance using Trading View. Check it out, I made my future predictions on the Steem Action. 😬

First off, I'm not a technical analysis or anything like that but I was just having some fun with some lines. 📉 📈

I realized something, this totally can happen to "Steem" in the next "Bull Run" just like it did in 2017! 📊

You don't think it can happen? Heck, even Bitcoin is doing this right now in the last few months.

All you have to do is have major patience! When the next Bull Run happen, Steem is going to the moon like the rest of the alts... literally.

What are your thoughts? Can we MOON From Here? It may take a year or two but the gainzzzz are going to be ridiculous. 💰

Do you like my "not-so technical analysis Steem chart?" I should start doing YouTube videos and become crypto famous. Totally Kidding! 😂

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

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yeah man!!! grabbed some extra steem tonight and it shot up to 35 cents.

i’m an investment guru!!!!! lol

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Haha 😆

Yes you’re Jon. Please how is our new born and his mom?

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lol. they are good. thanks for asking. baby is doing real well and wife is recovering nicely.

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Bro! You’ve been stackin’! You know what, I’ll buy some on Binance right now! 😂😂😂

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it’s an addiction lol

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For sure , once BAKKT starts in July the crypto gurus are gonna take profits from BTC leading up to that and push into altcoins.

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I might have to agree with you on that, they sure want to dump it on the newbs 😀

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You’re already ‘Steem Famous!‘

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Na, just average guy lol

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All you have to do is have major patience

Let's keep our head down and keep on building or Stacking

Bustin’ out that wisdom once again 😎

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Can we now have lamboes now!? 🚗

Maybe a bicycle 😂

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Thaybis some great TA or art! Either way, I like it!

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My personal TA for dummies like myself 😂

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Here we must be very patient, I believe this btc rise will soon come also on smaller coins. :)
And yes steem can go lot up... this summer I want see steem up 1.5 $ :)

Let’s see what happens 😉

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Jep ... here can happen lot in one week :)

Surely, when the moon shows up, it's gonna really hit us hard💯💰

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The moon will come to steem soon enough 😬

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Don't know when ima take profit....$8 or $17 lol

Take a little profit every time anything doubles 😬

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Like how much? 10%?

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Remember if anything doubles, you can sell half and you get all your investment back and have the rest of the coins for free 😬

However, the crypto markets are risky. It can always go lower at anytime lol

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