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"Sometimes when you make a decision, you have set aside logic and go with you GUT Feeling" ~ Charles Fuchs.


There are currently 1000's of cryptocurrencies to choose from as of today and hundreds more coming in every month.... so how we choose which one's are the "good" ones? 🤷🏼‍♂️

That's where research and decision making comes into play. You can listen to "Gurus", YouTubers, Friends, or even Technical Analysis shills... it doesn't really matter because you are the final "decision maker" when investing into cryptocurrency. 

Just remember, most of these people giving you "picks" are just shilling there coins that they own to raise the price (most don't even know anything). 😳

They are just expressing their "opinions" on what to buy or not. At the end of the day, always take any info you get from people with a grain of salt, even mine. 

Currently my "Top 3" long-term HODL cryptocurrencies to own in the the next 2-5 years are EOS, ICON and Nebulas. I'm not going to go into detail much about these because that's your job to do. 😂

As you can see, the ones I picked are really safe bets (that will survive) in my eyes as they are all protocol platform cryptos. 👨🏼‍💻

In other words, Dapps (Decentralized Applications) and Smart Contracts are going to be built on these platforms and I believe they are here to stay for many years to come. 

So if you had to choose just one cryptocurrency for the long-term (2-5 years)? Which one will it be and why?

Heck, if your explanation is good enough, I might have to get a "stake" in it. Most will say Steem but let's skip that for now as we know Steem is our #1. 😬

Let's have an awesome week and Keep on "STACKIN" 💞

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My longterm hodl coin are


All solid right there, I missed the damn ride upnon ONT and WAN, thought there be a sell off after being listed but it didn’t! 😅

i bought ontology and wan after few day of launch ... they are already 2.5x ....but iwill hodl them for long ...they are really good projects..

Totally agree! 😀

I want to have a folder with 50+ K in my folder . Be able to have long term and short term coins on hand

Let’s make that a 100k folder 🤑

Straightforward post!
Sorry to say steem.
You mention EOS so I am out of lost.
I hold Presearch.
They want to paly with google in the search game, dunno how ?
Man!! So many coins it is a little crazy out there. Wondering what a cataclysm ready to happen.
Good post as always

I was in presearch last year. They have lots of work to do, check out nebulous, they are trying to be the google of blockchain search 😀

I'm moving out of BTC and holding EOS, XRP, and Steem.

More gainzzzz on the Altcoin’s 😎

On one side NEO + Steem and BTC of course

NEO is a POS coin as well right?

They pay ya in “gas” 💩 jk haha

They do pay gas

We got a NEO fan here 😬. Neo is a great long term play.

Neo has a very active team behind it + the Chinese government like to do their own thing. Pretty good sign for NEO, I say!


How you been 😂

Fine fine.... thanks 💥💯

I'll just go with EOS, the hype around it is so hard to miss! While I wait for ETH to come around

Blockone is going to dump ETH soon haha, they control 7% 😃

Buy the crypto and forget about it!
2 years later you will find yourself a millionaire!

Steem and Litecoin

When charlie lee sold all his litecoin, I left also lol

Lol I’m still a believer in it

Neo is my #1 pick(aside steem of course). Why neo? Simply because if i have to go to jail for robbing a bank of $20m, I could stash the money on Neo and expect to be stupendously richer when I get out.😁

Smart Move! 🤑


I need EOS in my life. Aside from the top four, I only have steem and xlm.

the only most important for me is making decision myself

That’s is always the best decision 😀

Eos, cardano, Zil and theta

I’m a fan of NEO and OMG (and Steem) of course for long term.

I really like OMG, I got out of the trade last year and i'm still waiting to get back in 😣

I panic sold all my EOS a few months ago... I actually made a loss on it.... I can't believe it if I think about it... It would have been a 1000% profit by now.... Im scared to buy in at this point, but who knows it might hit triple digit prices this year

Yeah, I did take some profits but still hold pretty good sum. I’m thinking of getting back in more lol

I have EOS, bitshares anf Steem aside from what I have in my account haha

Call me a @dan fanboy

I like NPSX. I think payment systems which bring crypto easily in the real world will have a good run as we all have to pay bills buy food etc and as more and more people make their living by trading or steeming there needs to be an easy solution.

Monero as privacey is still important.

Otherwise I am looking at coins which produce more coins like NEO, ARK, LISK, KMD,

I am a bit on the fence with ETH lend but it could be interesting as well.

I also think we should not get to married to our coins as there will be coming new ones which will do all of that what we like only better.

Yeah man, so many coins out there. I had a position of ethlend at .02 but sold around .30 couple months ago. Lots of these peer to peer lending companies are coming around.

Just remember, most of these people giving you "picks" are just shilling there coins that they own to raise the price (most don't even know anything). 😳

Truth^ I was into Litecoin but it hasn't done shit in a while so i spent it on steem today. I'm going to wait to see what happens with Etherum and the SEC. I might get some Bitcoin Cash. Maybe Dash. I like steem because the more I own the more I make no other coins offer that y'know?

Yeah, after Charlie sold all his litecoin... I took off also lol.

Coins I would HODL includes EOS, Tron, Icon, BCN, Litecoin, Vechain, Trip.io, Verge, Cardano, and Lisk.

Extremely confident with these coins... Feel like I'm missing some..

Reason behind my choice for these coins includes the large fundings backed by these coins, the technology behind the coins, partnerships, and the brains behind the project.


All great plays, if you had to choose one, what would it be? EOS is my #1 😀

That's so hard lol, I like so many projects. I would go with Tron due to my attraction at what it's priced right now. Also, I extremely love the energy brought by Justin Sun and the partnerships he attempts to establish.

As far as technology, I would go with Vechain. That is probably the coolest project I've heard of. The benefit Vechain would have in the supply chain industry is just mind blowing 🤯


I'm not going to say anything about Tron 😆

Total hodl and stack and really looking into POS lately since ETH very well might be going to this method

I like the dpos styles like steem, icon, eos, lisk and icon

EOS is my biggest hold, but as I proved to myself in the run up to $23, I'll sell anything if the sentiment and price is right. My EOS bags are all paid for from what I cashed out, so free coin to roll with.

Surprised to see no one has mentioned $DRGN. Dragonchain has a great future. I think if we aim to get real world brick and mortar business in on the crypto markets, it will be on the back of Dragon or another platform like it. It's even made a big 20% move up today, so gotta love that.

After that, I have a couple of Decentralized Exchange tokens that I think have very promising futures. $AST - Air Swap Token and $ZRX 0x Protocol both could see some big growth in the coming years.

One more I will mention is Ignite Ratings $IGNX. Ignite Ratings is a anonymous ICO and crypto ratings system where people can share their thoughts on crypto markets, and funds controlled by the "Hive" will be invested in the most highly rated coins with profits being paid out to IGNT holders. IGNX is only on IDEX atm so hard to get your hands on with the IDEX issues, and you have to go through the process of smart contract coversion from IGNX to IGNT at 100:1 ratio to get into the ratings and reputation system. But I think it does have a bright future.

If I am picking one that isn't STEEM or EOS (let's just disqualify Larimer tokens for now) it would likely be Dragonchain. I really think they have the pieces in place to have a bright future.

Dragonchain looks good at this price under a $1. I might get a position locked in!

My picks for the next two years will be Eos, bitshares and Neo. Because they have long term growth potentials @stackin

All great long-terms playa right there 💪🏼😅💯

EOS is one of mine, too! I don't trust 99% of youtubers... but it's not b/c I have trust issues lol

Cardano, Stellar, Tron and EOS are my long term hodls atm.

Well I got nothing to invest with and even if I'm gonna invest,its steem and EOS I'm gonna go for


I’ll look into these! Thanks Bossman! 😎

Of course, Steem!
EOS, VeChain and ICON. I can see increase on these cryptos. Invest only what you can afford to lose, at the end of the day we should be responsible for the action that we do! ;-)

I need to get some VeChain on the dips 😀

Still a newbie for now I don't know anyone but hope to research and stick to any. I really want my future to be secured with cryptocurrency thanks I might research this once mentioned

Steemit is the best way to start the crypto game 😃

Placing a bet on $XCP - Active side chain project since 2014, used to be in the Top 10 $crypto, now 240 something. Active development and usage, soon to be compatible with Lightning.

Although picking coins seems great, I think being an ambassador holds more value to our own futures. Im always asking people if they know about crypto and if they don't I try and teach them.

Your emoji game is really on the next level here on Steemit. 😳I'm seeing you have started to pave the way up to 80 in reputation. 😂My long term are EOS only at the moment since Dan Larimer is a god damn genius. I don't wanna spread my attention on too many coins since divide attention not as effective as going hard on some safe ones... 👩‍💻

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much for donating to the poor people

Sprouting Bitbeans

Polymath for sure :)

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Just HODL!!!!, well I do that!! :D

I vote for eth, neo, xlm and pkt for something more risky

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