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Tone Vays (A YouTube Crypto Influencer) will make a $250,000 (well kinda, read below) bet that Bitcoin will drop below $2,000 before the 2024 halving. 🤷‍♂️

Would you take this crazy bet? ... or is it a smart move by Tone Vays?

A few days ago on Twitter, there were some challengers who are thinking about taking the bet. Literally, "putting their money where their mouth is".

Here is the clip from Twitter:


In other words, it's not really $250,000 in "Today's Money" but will be priced in BTC (A Huge Advantage For Him).

If you really think about it, this is a great bet for Tone Vays.

One might be considered you a sucker for taking such a bet as he has 5 years to pay up and if it does go down to under $2,000 at anytime before 2024, you own him $250k of Bitcoin. 🤦

What a "Clever Dude" this Tone Vays fella is... Regardless, would you take this dumb bet?

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

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I wish he would bet 250k if Steem goes to zero with the same timeline lol

Dude, I seen that on Twitter about a debate. He scared bro. I think he owns a lot of alts in hiding and just says he likes bitcoin 😂😂😂😂

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tone vays aint winning that bet
if btc was going that low it would have by now , too many investors think we have already bottomed out

I am not even worth $1,000 in assets, both crypto and non-crypto lol

Well, you will have a whole year to earn them on steem 🤑

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What a crazy bet to consider taking. I would not do so if i am the one surely

Tone is a laughing stock in my opinion 😂

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I’ll check it out 🙋🏼‍♂️

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What a way of words! Not a bad risk/reward to put out there!

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That’s true, it will put all the #Moon Boys in there place 😂

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I don’t get why he chose the halving after the next one...? Seems more likely to hit that in the next month or so if it’s really gonna hit it. Next halving is May 2020 and we’ll probably be booming by then with a sharp pullback to new lows in between now and then.

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Gives him 5 years of padding, won’t cost him a thing cause he owns a good about if bitcoin already. 😂

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if it does no one would be happy like us hahah

Just buy some and send it my way 😉

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This is a crazy bet or both parties. The truth, he is willing to bet that much.
I think he is a chicken winner cause any direction Btc foes benefit him in the long run.
Please keep us posted.

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