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"When in doubt, always trust your instincts... it's usually the best decision one can make" ~ Charles Fuchs.


We are a just a few hours away from the highly anticipated EOS ICO of being over. Many are very excited to see what will happen next for the so called "Ethereum" Killer. 💁🏼‍♂️

It will take some time to see if EOS will be successful or not. In my opinion, they will face some speed bumps along the way like many other big "protocol projects" out there but I see EOS to have a very bright future. 😎

Charles, So Who won the STACKIN' EOS Contest Yesterday? 

The price of EOS at 11:00 A.M. was $11.9315! Congratulations to @dungga with guess of $11.894! Check your wallet, YOU JUST WON 5 SBD! 

The "STACKIN Contest" have already givin' our Thousands of Dollars of Steem and SBD to lucky Steemians. I've also added some Steem Coffee Cups and Steem T-Shirts Contests! 

Stay tuned Steemians and be sure to follow @stackin so that you can get notification from Steemit on our next contest that's coming in the next few days . ✅

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

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Congratulations to the winner!
Hugs friend, hope you are doing well💜


Doing well @artedellavita, just been busy for a while with all this crypto madness going on these days. 🤣


Tell me about it! I waited till last minute to register my EOS!😂

Woo hoo!!


You need to win next time ☺️


Yeah! Haha I need to play to have a chance, totally missed it 😅

Thank you @stackin 😍


Congrats @dungga! 😀

Congratulations @dungga! :)

I never thought that the price will go down. Maybe next time! Thank you for always, always sharing your blessings to us @stackin! :) ♥

very good ostingan @stackin.tolong upvote @ s1d1n01 kawan.supaya my repot is increasing.agar diaceh we can steemit smoothly @stackin please ajarin to me how to get upvote value from @stackin.atas imformation and upvote from @stackin I say thank you.
I apologize same @stackin if my language is not very good. I use the language of the translation. I come from aceh.

Many congrats to the winner :)

Felicidades a la ganadora!
espero que lo estés haciendo bien

Congrats.!for the winner! I hopely and waiting for next contest from you. ! Good work.!


Another one coming this week :)

Congrats winner. I've never been lucky to win your contents



Lost again 😂😅

many Congratulations to @Dungga! It was your lucky day :)



Congratulations to the winners ... ☺

Many congratulations :-)
Excited for the next contest 😋😉

I am very excited for what EOS can bring to the Table. Charles @stackin I appreciate that you don't let UP on that Guy from Oakland. He has done NOTHING but call Dan Larimer and accomplice. Him and that KOOKY Clif HIGH DIVE are complete Jokes. Don't even get me started on Snippy and SCAMMER Boss............

that's some serious prediction right there awesome guess congrats to the winner :D